A Step by Step Guide to Reed making


There are many different techniques and ways of making a chanter reed today, the following stages are a guide for making reeds that are fitted in my own instruments.

They may not work in all makers pipes, but will give you an idea of where to start making your own.

If you group together at your local club say, any expenses will be shared, Go On; have a go, or you will never know.


PART. A   Purchasing your gouge, and making the shooting or gouging block.

PART. B   Preparing the cane slip.

PART. C  Gouging the cane slip.

PART. D  Forming the reed head.

PART. E  Making the staple & mandrel.

PART. F  Tying the reed head to the staple.

PART. G Scraping down the reed head.

PART. H Where to scrape/sand for tuning etc.

Additional Tuning Tips, points to note.

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