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 PortMapper    (click here to download) v1.03227k 

PortMapper Screenshot
    Do you need to map a specific TCP or UDP port on your machine to another port on another machine? Do you want to limit access to a server on your machine based on the IP address of an incoming connection request? If these sound interesting to you, then AnalogX PortMapper is just what the doctor ordered (or programmer, in this case). AnalogX PortMapper allows you to map and port on your computer to any IP address and port on another machine; not only that, you can limit access based on the incoming IP address! So, say for instance that you are using a proxy, and would like to be able to telnet from other machines; simple, just run PortMapper, and tell it to forward any request to port 23 (telnet) to the machine you want to access. Now, any time you telnet to your proxy server machine, it automatically forwards the data to the other machine! Or, do you run a webserver, and only want people from IP address you specify to connect? No problem, PortMapper can do that as well! Overall, a great standalone program, or an excellent addition to a proxy or server!

 Version Changes
 1.03  Fixed problem with config lockups
 1.02  Sped up startup
 1.01  Fixed modal dialog bug in config
 1.00  Initial Release

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