Hey everybody!
I'm revealing once again a new song.  The new single is called "Not a Freak" and I thought I would tell you a little bit about it.  Basically, when I write a song I'm telling a story.  This particular story is about a girl who has been best friends with a guy for a long time and suddenly finds herself wanting to be more than just friends.  She's afraid to say anything in fear that it would destroy their friendship.  I figure that a lot of people could relate to this subject.  Is it really about me?...I'll never tell!

Here is the scoop on "Go, Goodbye"...I basically wrote the song with the idea about two great people who just aren't great together.  I liked the idea better than the typical, "I can't stand you, get out of my life" or the "why did you rip my heart out?" ballad.

Listen to my singles:

"Not A Freak"

"Go, Goodbye"

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