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AgSpec,Inc. / Hampton's OrchardWashington grower shipping gift boxes of fresh apples.
Appalachian Fruit Research Station has a page on apple cultivar evaluation for apples grown in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virgiinia. Includes links to fruit definitions, fruit shapes, and glossary.,1,1,95/APPLE.html

Apple A study of the proverb, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Apple Corps A Mr. Potato Head-like game with an apple for a head. from Garrett Ranch, has available apples for sale and purchase. Red delicious, royal gala and fuji gift boxes can be ordered.

Apple Facts includes how to keep them crisp, handling, preparation, and 5 a day. Username and password required.

Apple Inspection provides you with years of experience in this industry ranging from the growing, harvesting, packing, storing, shipping, purchasing and the inspection of all varieties of produce. Includes contact information and photos.

Apple Juice on the Internet Homepage Children's games to encourage kids to drink apple juice. Includes recipes, java coloring pages, greeting cards, and apple juice facts.

Apple Journal Site for apple growers (commercial and hobbyists), also features cooking tips, recipes, and activities for kids.

Apples Yakima, Washington apples picked and shipped fresh. Site includes apple facts and recipes.

Brogdale: A world of Fruit English site, home of the National Fruit Collections, the largest collection of fruit trees in the world. Information on fruit identification, unusual and historic varieties. Apple varieties featured prominently. has information regarding fruit raising and use. Includes: apple, Asian pears, blackcap brmables, blueberry, citrus, jujube, figs, kiwi, melons, prune, jostaberry, babaco, persimmons, seaberry. Also other"taking care information.

Don's Apple Clipart Clipart images of Red Delicious apples in various sizes. Site has other food-related clipart as well. is an apple and pear site with innovative apple and pear products, information, recipes, history, and images. Site includes a method of converting recipes to different quantities. It also includes a a page for building a custom calorie table.

Horticulture Information Leaflets. Commercial Tree Fruits. North Carolina State University.

Identifying Apple & Other Fruit Varieties Article from Penn State College of Agriculture with tips for those trying to identify the variety of a particular fruit. Intended for home orchardists, but useful for anyone working with fruits.

McBros Fruit Company Washington state grower dealing in hand-picked and packed gift boxes.

Michigan Apple Committee Agenda and issues of Michigan apple growers. Explains processing and the need for family farms. Includes apple facts and recipes.

Neva's Apple Page A home grower who is an avid collector of varieties provides these descriptions of the dozens of varieties she grows.

New York Apple AssociationConsumer information, kids pages, teacher kits, and more.

Northwestern Fruit - Home Page has company information, and information on varieties of apples and pears, commercial package types, pictures of packed fruit. An interesting"what is packing today" is also available. sells a variety of apples which they will ship.

Postharvest Cooling and Handling of Apples Has a nice gif image. Reviews methods. By North Carolina State University.

Processed Apples Institute Nutrition facts, processing facts, recipes and more.

Red Apple Farm Massachusets pick-your-own farm. Ships New England gift baskets around the world. Includes apple recipes.

Rocky Mountain Fruit Sells organically-grown apples from Colorado through the Internet.


SOAR: The Searchable Online Archive of Recipes Lists 73 apple recipes.

State Fruit: Apple Article on how the apple was adopted as Washington's state fruit.

Sunspiced has apple, potato and onion marketing, facts, and shipping information.

The Tree Fruit Directory Includes the Washington Apple Commission, Washington State Fruit Commission, Washington Growers Clearing House, and Yakima Valley Growers-Shippers.

TreeTop has fine apple juice.

USDA-ARS Tree Fruit Research Laboratory This is the small fruit lab in Wenatchee, WA. Contains information about apples, cherries and pears.

United States Apple and Pear Marketing Board, Inc. is to develop and maintain long-term, mutually profitable relationships between our member suppliers and compatible international buyers of fruits and vegetables.

Vermont Weather Vane apple recipes Eight recipes using fresh apples. Pardon the politically-incorrect name of one.

Virginia Apples Industry page with apple information, recipes, and activities for kids.

The Washington Apple Commision user name and password required.

Washington Apple Commission Public access page with recipes, activities, and industry information.

Washington Apple Education Foundation News releases, products, and industry links for Washington state apple growers.

Wisconsin Cooperative Extension AG publications
World Apple Situation from FAS Online Horticultural and Tropical Products Division has economic and production information.

Xiang Asiaquin Fruit One of the largest producers of apple juice concentrate in China.

Y2Keep Foods Source of dehydrated apple and other fruit products.

Wisconsin Cooperative Extension AG publications


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