Polar Cap:
where evil penguins live

Rawa is a down-to-earth kind of guy. He has a problem with stuffed shirts, particularly icey stift-necks wearing tuxedoes. They are like starched polyester to his natural cotton-like personality; but he can handle them usually. They don't normally ruffle his feathers, not until the stakes are raised, that is, when ice cream becomes involved.
    Here's the story and related links.
(from the Riven Lyst) <<Check this out...I found it in my local newspaper...for Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. It seems that RAWA has been moonlighting : )
[http://webhome.idirect.com/~nigelc/rawa.JPG] (pw: this image is no longer available.) >>

Rawa replied, <<After completing Riven, my one remaining childhood dream was to sell "China and Gifts" to my friends north of the US border. Now that I've fulfilled that dream, I can die a happy man.
    <<Well, I do have one more childhood dream. You know, the one about moving to Antarctica and living as a penguin for a year. I'd learn to speak Penguinese, getting enough fish to feed my whole flock [hey, anyone know the official term for a group of penguins?]. They'd be so grateful that they'd elect me Emperor, and we'd go to war with the group of evil penguins living on that iceberg just to the north, and we'd win 'cause I'd teach my army how to make those really hard snowballs; but then there'd be the assassination attempt, and I'd have to flee for my life, and waiting for all the snow to melt, which, of course, it wouldn't, and I'd never be heard from again. Never mind.>>

Oh, no. We do plan to mind. Here is more on penguins and such.
Christmas 2000: Lisandra writes a song to the tune of "We Three Kings."
Assorted comments on Rawa & penguins (read "trivia")
The Confession: Rawa tells the real story of penguins and rabies. Well, okay, more of the real story, in addition to the above real story.

"All your ice cream are belong to us!"

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