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What is 2Step Garage?

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"2 step, 2Step what this then"...... "Another Fad from London?".....

That's the cry that I here from people just outside London and the Home Counties let alone Europe and the USA. I'd thought I 'give an update onto what's happening within the development of Speed Garage that took London especially by the scuff of the neck in 1997.

2-Step from my understanding is the continuation of its older brother, which is "Speed Garage". Yes, we all hate the term but that's how I'm going to describe this music. Anyway, its seems as if this is the way that Speed Garage music is evolving. Soul, was what was wanted to move the music forward, and now we are seeing the benefits with yet another fusion to come out of London.

Black Taxi cabs of London

But before I go on any further I must add that this is not the only sound coming out of London in regards to UK Garage...I have to add this just in case Alan Russell, Phil Asher, Basement Jaxx or Joey Negro are reading this...Especially Alan....Okay Alan...???

UK Underground Garage or Speed Garage call it what you like or the even better the Sunday Scene, had the Music media at its feet during the end of 1997. It seemed as a sure bet that it swamp all before it. However, like the Stock Exchange, your shares can go up as well as down. No, I'm not saying the Speed Garage has bit the bullet. Far from it, but the way in which Speed Garage records where flying out the specialist shops, we were witnessing the biggest musical movement since Punk Rock, Yes Speed Garage was bigger than Jungle, before it!!!

However, thankful, yes thankful Speed Garage remained still a "London Thing" This has allowed it evolve relativity unscathed from the "Majors" who are waiting in the wings for the next big star from music to emerge. But because of the fast development of the music. They dare not enter the fray.

Don't get me wrong the melodic sounding records of the nature of "Sincere" rocked both sides of the Atlantic just to prove how potent this sound had become. However, that single only still made minor in roads in the UK national charts. Also Dem 2 who are being geared as the next Kings to the Speed Garage throne released "Destiny" earlier this year which had records shops within the capital unable to compete with demand when it was first released.

The main development of Speed Garage into 2 Step seems to be the closing of the closing of the musical gap between Soul and Garage music in London, which became even more intense when the music of "Speed Garage" entered the dance music fray of 1997. Us House and Garage, in my opinion has no such worries as it was geared towards this vibe in the first place. However, its our Soul breathrens that should hold their heads in shame as in their opinions they still maintain that "Garage" still isn't the real deal...Our Soul brothers still retain the feeling that Garage in its rawest form is still a poor mans version of Disco.!!!...Its too rooted in Disco to be taken seriously!! I feel that our Soul breathrens sometimes should get off their High horses. Some of the Us Garage that is out is more Soul than their versions of Soul music!!!

However, 2-Step music tries to avoided all this with its uses of Funk/Hiphop break beats and Soul chords which has narrowed that alienation down between the 2 camps especially when comparing London UK Garage and the Soul music lovers in the Capital. Is it the basslines that are being used that strikes a chord with the Soul fraternity, or is it the catching summer lyrics that M.J Cole seems to be putting together with ease at the moment? Who knows, only the record buying public does

This takes us back to the first 2 Step record. Many give credence to the remix given to DJ/Producer called Kelly G (USA), with the Tina Moore's smash called " Never Let you go", in 1997. However, even this causes arguments as to the real deal bonifide first 2 Step outing. Many state that it was from the track called "My Desire" by Amira also in 1977; in which the remix duties were given to the Dreem Team(England) or even Dem 2's "Destiny" that should be given the credits to this.

Tina Moore

In fact Tuff and Jam who appeared live on stage with Amira at the Southport Weekender, Southport, England October, 1997 have stated it was so far their best ever set they have ever done. The song got the Soccer style thumbs up approval by the crowd there.

The Southport weekender Logo, uk!!

The Usa!!However, other side of the argument has to be the hugely influential sound of Todd Edwards from the USA. The more melodic sounding 2 Step sound owes a lot to Todd Edwards, who along with Smack Productions, before him (also from New Jersey, USA!!) led to the creation of this sound. It seems as if the darling at the moment of 2Step ( M.J.Cole,London, England) has honed down the sounds of Todd Edwards and made it even more acceptable for the UK Soulful Garage fans ears!!!...

Todd Edwards, New Jersey, USA!!

Either way it seems as if this was the blue print that allowed Dem 2 and Sunship, and countless others to perfect their sound even further, which definitely moves London Underground Garage to a more Funk and Soul sound than to the straight forward "4 TO 4 beat of traditional House music.

The 2 Step Sound has a very light Skippy drum pattern, and yet the basslines are definitely geared towards Funk.

This could be one way in the right direction in healing this riff between Soul and Garage within London, In fact many of London's Garage based clubs have insisted in having a Soul room within their Club nights.

Probably the most famous of them all "The Twice as Nice", @ the Coliseum, Vauxhall, London have had this in policy in place since they have started. Another factor to add to this musical revolution that is taking place in London, is the fact the many if not all the DJ's that are playing 2 Step will confess to either being ex Soul DJ's or Soul Record collectors.

The Twice as Nice, Uk!!

The harsh Ragga basslines of 97 that gave the music its notoriety in the first place are being replaced by the Melodic basslines of say M.J.Cole; or the Funk like James Brown basslines of Dem 2... There's nothing wrong with other influences entering the fray of Garage I feel, but you can't beat Soul/Funk; and that's what's definitely on the menu at the moment with UK Underground music.

However, its not for me to say what's what. The proof is in the eating. Clubs like Cookies and Cream, Twice as Nice, Pure Silk and the Aquarium (all London based!!) have not seen a demise in the queues due to this new fusion enter their club spaces.

The Club with a Pool- The Aquarium, London!!

Soul and Garage are immensely popular Music's at the moment in London. However, the exciting prospect of Soul finally excepting Garage music warts and all is too exciting to think of...!!!

Who would have thought that its only music??.....

(This Review is of the responsibility of Carl Brown Ipswich, (England). Any part of this review that you would like to use then you will have to gain the permission of Carl to do so.This is copyrighted!!

Well that's my theory onto the beginnings of 2Step Garage music. Any help to you!

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