British Robotwars Series 1 ('98) Journal

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Battle by Battle

Life in the Pits



A report of every event and battle in which Roadblock competed.

The definitive account of events behind the scenes with the Roboteers throughout the contest.

Photos of the robots that Team Roadblock came up against.

Robot war syndrome. Life after Robotwars.

Chris writes in Red

Hender writes in Blue

Battle by Battle

Elimination round: Gauntlet

I was in control of driving Roadblock through the Gauntlet. Off the starting blocks the smooth motion of Roadblock flew us past Sergeant Bash without even knowing he was there! Then it was simply a home run to the line and a few cheesy comments.

I was operating the saw blade, but unfortunately, due to Chris' desperation to reach the end, I didn't get to use it. For a moment I thought we weren't going to make it when Dead Metal lurched forward. Fortunately, the driver appeared not to have been introduced to skill, so Chris easily evaded him. No damage, good time, no problem.

Elimination round: Sumo

The saw blade had been taken off in this round so really I was just on noise control. Hender drove perfectly and Roadblock's pushing force made Shunt look feeble! The wedge shape got us through this round in style.

This time I was driving, and it wasn't as easy as it looked on TV. Shunt weighed over twice the maximum wheeled heavyweight limit, and it took all of our torque, technique and 200 yard road sign to take him out. Unfortunately, in our moment of triumph, just pushing Shunt out wasn't enough, and I overshot the edge of the ring.

Combat (Semi-Final): Roadblock Vs Nemesis

I was driving in this fight, and thoroughly enjoyed skinning and generally pushing around the fluffy machine. The speed controller in Nemesis burnt out during this round due to the extreme forces of Roadblock. Sergeant Bash set Nemesis on fire, which made me laugh.

The screams from the crowd indicated the victor clearly. This was probably the best fight of the series, especially for those of us there.

Recipe for victory

Step 1

Administer the circular saw to strip your opponent of its clothes (and of course its dignity).

Step 2

Push the raw meat to one side with a large spatula.

Step 3

Your assistant should now tenderize the beef.

Step 4

Finally, flame grill and then season to taste. Nice.

Combat (Final): Roadblock Vs Killertron

This was the final of show 1. We felt a bit of pressure at the start of the fight... well, actually we weren't really afraid of Killertron in the slightest - it only had enough electrical charge for four swings of the pickaxe! As you may have noticed there was an insulating tape cross stuck on our bonnet, which was cockily stuck there by the Killertron roboteers. So after the fight we gave it back as they looked like they needed it!

After starting with a heart rate of 360 beats per minute, I guess you could say I was nervous. I was driving again in this one, and I didn't want to let the team down after Mr. Kinsey's team talk, especially as the night before had involved a LOT of alcohol. Chris and I had the worst hangovers ever and we were 2 hours late getting into the studio.

Combat (Grand-Final): Roadblock Vs Recyclops Vs Robot the Bruce Vs Cunning Plan Vs Bodyhammer Vs TRACIE

It was my job to drive Roadblock through this final event (orgy of mechanical destruction). I felt this event to be unfair as we were up against robots from the previous shows which, quite frankly, were not as big or strong as ours. TRACIE was our biggest fear in this final as our famous flipping technique would prove useless against her. However, Cunning Plan (controlled by Joe 90 himself!) immobilized himself with TRACIE in a head on collision (our favorite kind). Robot the Bruce was a fish tank on its side, which only left Bodyhammer, which we chased and attacked to the end. It was a dream come true but not quite the "best time of my life" (sorry about that).

Being the co-driver, I was only in semi-control. I was in charge of team orders, tactics, and smiling! We battled to the end, killing everything that got in the way. Overall it was a superb day, a lot of money had changed hands with the security guards, and one had even won £40 on us - as much as we had spent on our machine!

Life in the Pits

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Team Harkonnen - Nemesis




The Trojans - Killertron


We are still trying to get this picture.





Shogun (Rolls Royce)

Cunning Plan


Bodyhammer (Team Cold Fusion)


Robot the Bruce


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