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Purpose of this site
This site serves no real purpose, at least not for the general public. But it harms nobody ;-) It is mostly used for my information purposes (links, pizza log ...), documentation, putting my English and HTML knowledge to use, etc. Ein paar Seiten sind auch auf Deutsch, mais rein en français. If the answers you are looking for are not provided by this site, contact me directly. My email address is sTv@heuscher.ch


Google likes me. I've moved up the ladder and am now first on the list of all Heuschers (see current results). The redesign has payed off, so I'm very happy with the site (for the next two years, then I'll have to go for XHTML...). For your information, the pages of main interest to the searching public are my recipes, my pizza log and my restaurant log.

By popular request, my quick and very easy recipes.

The site got a new layout, more professional, more readable, approved by the experts, CSS2 and HTML 4.01 compliant, just much much better :-). Also have a look at the old layout (so ugly :-).

The cooking has started again "Selbst ist der Mann II". The first one was one year ago. Update: Those Blitzgipfel (Quick Croissants) are really great!

For all of you who are interested how my apartement looks, you can now have a look. (Bedroom pictures not included ;-).
P.S. The different food logs now have an entry page: prepared food logs.

Back to work: two of my articles on that will be published shortly. One for the ERPANET Urbino workshop proceedings Softening the borderlines of archives through XML -- a case study and one for a swiss archive journal (Arbido) XML -- ein strategisches Instrument für Archive?.

Old news...

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