A cuddly critter : bear on top, blanky on bottom!
-11 ozs. Worsted Wt. Yarn (Red Heart Bright Yellow)
-size H hook
-2 plastic safety eyes, or glass eyes.
-Stuffing, polyester fibrefill or wool
-Yarn needle
-Contrasting color yarn for nose and mouth.
-(or plastic animal safety nose)
-1 yard of 1.5 inch decorative ribbon

Size: approximately 30" from top of ears to bottom of 'ghan.

Note: do not join rounds unless indicated, instead mark rounds with safety pin.

Special stitches:
sc2tog: insert hk in next st, yo, draw loop through, insert hk in next st, yo, draw loop through, yo draw through all 3 loops on hook. (aka sc decrease)



Insert eyes in head approximately at Rnd 8.

Stuff head and body with fiberfill.


Arm (make 2)


Ears (make 2)

Variation: I also made this a "Bunny-ghan" by making a longer ear.  Simply continue to sc in each sc around for 20 rounds, fold ear in half, then fold in half again, sew flat to top of head, with ears "lopping" down sides.


Using contrasting yarn, embroider nose (on round 1 of muzzle) and mouth.
Tie ribbon in bow around neck.

Variation: I also made this using a soft baby-weight yarn and an E hook.

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