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Terms of Use/Rules

Please understand that the "Terms of Use" are provided for both your protection and mine; they are written to clarify the terms under which the images contained within this collection may be used.
These terms are quite simple and they are also legally binding, so please read them carefully.

1. All images on this site are exclusive and permanent property of (but your site/name here) and may
NOT be reproduced by any method including screen captures and/or downloads. DO NOT take any of these images and claim them as yours, enter them in contests, edit them (except bases) or frankendollie them.DO NOT copy the code of my website to make your own.

2. If you choose to use any of my images, which are provided to your usage remember all images are
NOT, you must use a linking button (ie.banner) or correct referring link within the same page that the image(s) appear. A text link is permitted. This is NOT negotiable. Using this button or link is part of the copyright. A page of "credits" is NOT acceptable. Please credit my images actually on the page(s) of use.
(Remember to but your banner and site address here)

3. You may
NOT alter, change, colorize, resize or modify any of my ready made dolls. You may edit my base when doing your own dolls on them, you may colorize and modify them but you CAN'T use any of the bases body parts to add on to bases of your own and you CAN'T take my bases and but them on your site, they are NOT yours. You can also flip horizontally or vertically the bases when you make your dolls. When you do use my bases remember to link me back.

4. Images may
NOT be used by individuals whose intent in developing web sites for others is for gain (whether actual income and /or bartered for trade) whether from the site itself or from the web page developing service.

Use of my images by individuals developing websites with intent to gain is unequivocally denied unless a license and written permission from us has been obtained prior to the downloading, uploading or use of any graphic.

You may
NOT use the images if you are developing websites for others at no charge and then advertise these sites within a client portfolio with intent to acquire additional paying clients.

5. Images are
NOT to be placed in any online collection or archive; in addition, NO images are to be redistributed for financial gain or placed within any compilation CD, software or other reproducible media. You can adopt my dolls that are adoptable but remember all of my dolls/images are NOT for adoption. And if you choose to adopt my doll(s) remember to link me back.

6. Any site whose intent is to earn revenue (whether actual income and or bartered for trade) is considered a commercial endeavor. The images are for not-for-profit (i.e. personal) web pages only.

7. Please load the images to your own server or web site directory. Please
DO NOT link directly to our images. The remote loadig of an image(or direct link, or stolen bandwith) is an abusive use of someone else's banwith.

8. Please refrain from using the images within pages promoting child abuse, hate, bigotry, racism, animal abuse and/or illegal pornographic activities.

9. Remember that if you violate any of these terms/rules I may take legal actions against you. So really you must abide by these terms/rules. If for any reason I request that my dolls should be removed from your site, you will be given 72 hours to comply

DO NOT remove my copyrights or modify my dolls without my permission, DO NOT recolor my dolls to make them as your own, DO NOT use pieces of my graphics/dolls to make your own, DO NOT use them to make your own banners, layouts graphics or anything else, that is frankendolling. Please DO NOT use my bases to create a doll maker of any sort. Respect my work as an artist.

11. If you feel unsure about these terms/rules please contact me before doing something that might be wrong.
(You might want to but you own e-mail address here).