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Dick Johnson Articles

Updated Tuesday, April 06, 1999

This section contains articles written by Dick Johnson. They're mostly flight tests, and are one of the most popular features of SOARING magazine. Click on the underlined links to download a PDF file that contains the complete article. These files are quite large -- mostly 600-900K, so download time may be quite lengthy.

ASH-25 Sailplane   May 1988

ASH-26E Self-Launching 18-Meter Sailplane   September 1995

ASK-21 Sailplane   July 1985

ASW-19 Sailplane   August 1977

ASW-20 Sailplane   May 1978

ASW-22 Sailplane   April 1983

ASW-24W Sailplane   May 1994

DG-101G Sailplane   May 1985

DG-200 Sailplane   July 1980

DG-300 Flight test   August 1985

DG-600 Sailplane   August 1989

Discus Sailplane   February 1986

Glasflugel 604 Modifications   November 1977

Glasflugel 604 Sailplane   October 1976

Grob 103C Twin III Sailplane   March 1990

Grob G-109B Motorglider   May 1986

Grob-102 Club IIIb Sailplane   January 1984

Grob-103 Twin II Sailplane   February 1983

IS-29D2 15 Meter Sport Sailplane   March 1998

J-4 Javelin Sailplane   January 1992

Jantar 1 and 2A Sailplanes   April 1977

Jantars 1 and 2   July 1979

Janus Sailplane   March 1979

Krosno KR-03A Two Place Trainer   February 1993

L-23 Blanik   February 1996

LAK-12 20.4 Meter Sailplane   July 1996

Let L-33 Solo Sailplane   July 1995

LS-3 Sailplane   November 1979

LS-3-17 Sailplane   June 1980

LS-3A Sailplane   February 1980

LS-4a Sailplane   September 1984

LS-4a Sailplane - Part II   March 1985

LS-8a Standard Class Sailplane   July 1998

Mini Nimbus Sailplane   December 1977

Mosquito Sailplane   August 1979

Nimbus III Sailplane   December 1982

PIK 20D-78 Sailplane   January 1979

PIK-20 Flight Polar Evaluation Part A   July 1978

PIK-20 Flight Polar Evaluation Part B   August 1978

PW-5 Sailplane, Development of a total Energy System   April 1998

PW-5 World Class Sailplane   April 1997

Russia 12.6 Meter World Class Sailplane   March 1995

Russia AC-4 Performance   June 1997

Schweizer 1-26 Wing - Oil Flow Study   May 1997

Schweizer 1-26E Sailplane   February 1977

Schweizer 1-35 Sailplane   January 1977

Schweizer 1-36 Sailplane   March 1982

Slingsby Vega Sailplane   February 1981

Stemme S-10 Motorglider   January 1994

Super Ximango Motorglider   December 1996

SZD-50-3 Puchacz Trainer, Additional Spin Testing   June 1994

SZD-50-3 Puchacz Two Place Trainer   April 1994

SZD-55 Sailplane   March 1992

SZD-59 Acro Sailplane   June 1998

Ventus 16.6 Sailplane   April 1984

Ventus 2b Part 1   April 1996

Ventus 2b, Part 2   June 1996

Ventus A Sailplane   December 1981

Ventus B Sailplane   June 1982

Zini Sailplane   September 1979

The Effects of Wing Surface Distortions on the Performance of a Modern Sailplane   May 1998

Sailplane Thermaling Procedures   February 1997

To view and/or print the above PDF files, download the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader program.

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