• India’s Original Name is Aryavart and Aryans were the original Indian race

  • Indian Civilization has unceasingly existed for 1,972 million years ago as the fully developed Ganges civilization

  • Sanskrit has been in its perfect state since its origin millions of years ago

  • Hinduism’s real name is Sanatan Dharm.
    Sanatan = eternal; Dharm = that which uplifts the soul

  • Hindu religion was first revealed 111.52 trillion years ago

  • Bhagwan Ram ruled Ayodhya during the prevous tretayug, 18.144 million years ago

  • The Great War of Mahabharat was fought in 3139 BC, 5000 years ago.
    During the same time Bhagwan Krishn descended on earth planet

  • The origin of life on earth and the functioning of the planetary system is described in the Vedic Scriptures

  • Bhartiya Religion is universal and applies not only to Hindua but to the entire world
2003, The Vedic Foundation