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As an alternative to conventional discipline methods this product is only intended for parents who want a safer way to physically discipline their children. 

It is designed specifically to avoid harm or injury by absorbing most of the impact that would otherwise cause blunt trauma which can often occur as a result of physical discipline with the belt, strap, switch, hand or anything that may harm or injure a child when physically correcting their misconduct.  It is made of a high density fabric with a soft inner non-allergenic polyester batting that makes it soft as a pillow and light as a feather.  It only weighs 2.5 ounces.

Massage professionals or individuals interested in a device designed for tapotement can use this product as massage enhancement therapy.  When used with tapotement it provides soothing results.  B-Stik™ prevents bone on bone collisions during tapotement which can result in tissue or nerve damage if done improperly by the hand.

Pet owners or animal trainers that want a safer training method can also use this product as a safer pet training device.  B-Stik will also eliminate any fear of the owner’s hand in cases where the owner does physically disciplines an animal (which is not recommended) while completely eliminating any possibility that the animal will be harmed.

As you can see, B-Stik has multiple uses, all of which are related to the delivery of a safe, effective impact to an individual or to an animal which eliminates the risk of any actual harm to the individual or animal being impacted, or even to the individual delivering the impact, i.e.: Certified or Licensed Massage Therapists.

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