12:00 Bridging Realities: AUs and Crossovers
An ancient warrior and his beautiful captive…an intergalactic traveler who falls in love with the alien being who saved his life...the reunion of an anthropologist from Cascade and his old friend who works for some top-secret government project in Colorado…. NightOwl explores the infinte realms of fantasy and oddly crossed paths.

1:00 Fanon VS. Canon
How many times have you said it, yourself? "That didn't happen on the show!"
The Rentgirls discuss the fannish penchant for adding to -- or completely
altering -- a show's mythos.

2:00 Woobies and Pookies: Tough Guys and the Guys They'll Do Anything For
Does Jimmy-whimmy love his Blairsey-waresy? Enough to hunt down and kill the
bastards who did this to him! The Chicas expose the soft pink underbelly of
our favorite heroes.

3:00 Due South
Do you love the Mountie and his two little Rays of sunshine? Stormy offers a
Canadian perspective on the series that spanned three Diefenbakers, two
partnerships, and a national border.

4:00 Smallville: Changing the Universe
This ain't your daddy's Superman. Most teens are worried about pimples.
Clark's biggest worry is Kryptonite. CJ and Barb have the scoop. Warning:
Anyone arriving in Spider-Man jammies will be turned away.


9:00 Holy Mother Grammatica
Remember watching Grammar Rock during your Saturday morning cartoons? Tell
Conjunction Junction to stop the train, because the Holy Mother is holding
another session of her popular discussion about fan writing.

10:00 Zine Publishing
Want to produce your own fanzine? Members of Blackfly and Duet Presses offer
a How-to guide that's better than anything you could get from Canadian Tire.

11:00 OZ: Shankings and Death Row and Tits, Oh My!
Discuss the gritty HBO series "OZ," now in its final season, with Star and
the Chicas.

12:00 Lord of the Rings Trivia Game!
Susan and Vickie host a trivia game full of questions for fans of both book
and film versions of Tolkien's work. This game will lead into the discussion
panel. For folks not versed in the ways of Middle Earth, this is a super way
to get acquainted with one of the greatest classics of our time.

1:00 Lord of the Rings: Still the Prettiest Pervy Hobbit Fanciers with
Pointy Hats Who are Still Not King

The second film is out. The Hobbitses are filthy, Gimli got tossed, and
Legolas still doesn't have a hair out of place. Karen, Vickie,Susan  and Rayden will
use this hour to convince you to follow them to the nearest theater.

2:00 Sentinel Family Feud: The Final Feud
Veteran players go out with a bang, not a whimper! This round of SentiCon's
signature game should not be missed!

3:00 Sentinel Jeopardy!
Casey and Alix host a new "game show" for Sentinel fans!

4:00 So You Want to Make a Songvid
Victoria and Melodie walk you through the process of creating your own
fannish music videos. Songvids to follow this panel will include the

premiere of some of Mel's work, as well as some classics by some well-known
fannish music video producers.


3:00 I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together…
The last panel, where PJ and Tam welcome those who haven't left to offer
suggestions, lodge complaints, and otherwise make comments about this year's
con and about SentiCon 6.

The Last Supper
For folks staying on an extra night (leaving Monday), a relaxing, post-con
dinner at a nearby restaurant (ie, Fridays) with PJ and Tam. This is a great
tradition of winding down that we enjoy sharing with anyone who cares to tag


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