Apollo Smile

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LightningCruiser: Hi Apollo! :Þ

wisdom: hey apollo how are you

icenine: Oops wrong genre

JakeTheFake: all right....

Kui: moderated eh? Eh, no fun.

ComputerChipRC: Welcome Apollo!

Apollo: Domo arigato gozaiamshita everyone for joining me tonight!!

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Apollo: Sorry that you all couldn't get to DragonCon :(...

Moderator: Apollo Smile is joining us from Dragon*Con 98 in Atlanta, Georgia. She's just come from a live performance.

Moderator: <Demented> <to Apollo Smile> What is your favorite recent Anime ??? I like Irresponsible Captain Tylor *^^*

Apollo: Demented: Dirty Pair Flash & Night Stalkers!!

Apollo: Did you guys see my performance???.

Apollo: .

Moderator: <DngrWoman> Apollo, how does it feel to be in the Danger Force Alliance?!? BTW, Mr. Moderator and all you fans, I

Moderator: wanted to let all of you know that Apollo Smile is a charter member of the Danger Force Alliance, and was presented

Moderator: with her certificate yesterday!

Apollo: Dngrwoman: Groovy!!<>(*_*)<>.

Moderator: <ComputerChipRC> Please ask Apollo if she plans to reprint the first four sneak preview comic books. Thanks.

Apollo: Yeah!! More questions please...

Apollo: My answer is ....hmmmmm maybe???.

Apollo: Have any of y'all seen Team Smile's debut comic???.

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Moderator: <LadyGhost> <to apollo> what's it like to be live action girl? is it hard or fun?

Apollo: Ladyghost: Being the Live Action Anime Girl is like living a dream!!.

Moderator: <Essence> How many Animes have you done?

Apollo: Essence: Do you mean Voice Work???.

Apollo: .

Moderator: <JakeTheFake> My first question for Apollo--have you ever watched MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000? You seem like the kind of person who'd love the show....

Apollo: JakeTheFake:

Apollo: Wuzzz up??? <>(*_*)<>.

Moderator: <Demented> Apollo Smile, I am a poor Otaku and I will be attending Neko Con and Katsucon.... will you be in any appearances near Virginia/Maryland ??? ^_^;;

Apollo: Yeah, sometime I watch MST it's pretty groovy!!.

Apollo: .

Apollo: Demented: Hey! As far as anime cons go for next year we wanted to really get to AnimazementCon, but alas it's got a conflict with CoastCon in Mississippi :(>>.

Apollo: .

Moderator: <icenine> Will Apollo always be Apollo or does she consider playing other characters? I would like to see her play a "nerdy" character with glasses.

Apollo: icenine: heheheheheh I am always Apollo cuz thats who I REALLY Am!.

Apollo: .

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Apollo: icenine: but I am def the biggest geek you'll ever meet :).

Apollo: .

Moderator: <JakeTheFake> You've returned recently from San Diego--when are you next planning to come out West? There are

Moderator: those of us who can't travel all the way to Atlanta twice a year.... \|;^)

Apollo: JaketheFake: Man, I wish everyone could come to DragonCon and share in the groovy good time me, Team Smile, TOA and all the wicked-kewl fans are having her!!

Apollo: .

Moderator: <wisdom> when did you decide to become apollo smile?

Apollo: wisdom: when my momma gave birth to me that's when I knew:).

Apollo: .

Moderator: <Kui> What are some live-action animes you have done in the past?

Apollo: Jakethefake: West Coast bound....dunno? suimimasen :).

Apollo: .

Moderator: <ircleuser> <to Apollo> How did you choose the name Apollo?

Apollo: Kui: I'm the voice of Tracy in Battle Arena Toshinden, Karin In Gowcaiser: The Voltage Fighters.

Apollo: .

Moderator: <Goku> Tell Apollo that Goku would Like to go out w/ her

Moderator: I had to throw that one in >=)

Apollo: ircleuser: I was born Apollo and changed my last name to Smile 10 years ago :).

Apollo: .

Moderator: <Eternity> to Apollo, is there any truth to the rumor, you will be playing the part of Sailor Moon, in the proposed upcoming film project, Sailor Moon: The Movie?

Apollo: Goku: So ya wanna date me huh??? Got any Strawberry Pocky for me, huh?.

Apollo: .

Moderator: We are video streaming this chat live onto the Web at pnm://galileo.cybermax.net/live/scifi_chat.rm

Apollo: Eternity: Hmmm....no ones invited me to the actual audition thus far, but maybe you know something that I don't???

Apollo: I thought that Alicia Silverstone was gonna be SM??.

Apollo: .

Moderator: <ircleuser> <to Apollo> Where did you get that medallion you wear? Did someone give it to you?

Apollo: ircleuser: A chick from NYC made it for me and now I'm made it a strong symbol representing my martial arts skills and singing combined!!.

Apollo: .

Moderator: <Eternity> Apollo, maybe... but I think you would make the perfect Sailor Moon :o)

Apollo: Eternity: DOmo arigato gozaimashita :) I would be honored to play that part :)

Apollo: .

Moderator: <Kui> What character did you portray in Iria: Zeiram the Animation? That's my FAV non-series anime!

Apollo: So did anyone actually see my live performance just now??.

Apollo: .

Moderator: <JakeTheFake> I'm registering my reimbursement of what Eternity said. And even if you don't play Moon, there's got to be a future for you in movies SOMEwhere....

Apollo: Kui: IRIA RULZ!!! It's also my fave...but only the subbeed version.I play incidentals in the dubbed version. whick do you prefer?.

Apollo: .

Moderator: <JakeTheFake> Actually nobody saw it, Apollo. Too bloody hard finding the RealPlayer stream--and even if we had it, I've got a Mac. No go on the G2.

Apollo: Jakethefake: THANKS!!! You're so groovy to say so.

Apollo: .

Moderator: <Kui> What WAS your performance about? I was looking up Saturday Anime and saw the banner for chatting with so, so I said, "Cool." :o)

Apollo: I would love to play any part on an anime or live action tv show.

Apollo: .

Apollo: Kui: My live performance?? Man, ya missed it??? (sobbing :(....

Apollo: .

Moderator: What influences would you cite as inspiration for your shows and/or songs?

Apollo: Hong Kong Cinema, ANIME, Sci-fi Fliks, and action figure collecting <>(*_*_<>.

Apollo: .

Moderator: <Goku> <Goku> <to Apollo> what will you do in the next 4 yrs.

Apollo: Kui: In like a week or so, there will be .AVI files on my site of my live performance tonight!! Groovy huh??.

Apollo: Goku: well if we're dating then I'm going to eat LOTS N' LOTS of POCKY :).

Apollo: .

Moderator: <ToiletDuck> Apollo, how do you deal with guys drooling over you and wanting to touch you all the time?

Apollo: ToiletDuck: I have the BEST*FANS in the galaxy, drooling or otherwise!.

Apollo: .

Moderator: (Thanks Goku for the setup)

Moderator: <Demented> *Fends off fans with a large rubber trout* Apollo Smile, may I have your autograph, onegai?

Moderator: <Eternity> Apollo, how would a fan that can't make it to DragonCon, go about getting an autographed photo of his 'favorite' live action anime girl?

Apollo: Demented: Yep :) sure thing...just send me some email and give me your sn address and I'll send ya some sugar, honey!!.

Apollo: .

Moderator: <Kui> Pocky... just what exactly IS pocky? Is this some form of food I have not been made aware of? :)

Moderator: <Kui> Apollo, are you currently in the process of ripping your hair out keeping up with these messages?

Apollo: Eternity: Hey, just go to Apolloites.org and shop til ya drop sweetie!.

Moderator: We are chatting live with Apollo Smile from Dragon*Con 98. Please send questions to Moderator.

Apollo: Kui: POCKY:A yummy Japanese treat wafer-like stick with either chocolate, strawberry, milk, coconut,etc....

Moderator: Check out Apollo's web site at http://apolloites.org

Moderator: <Auger> Hey Apollo that Anime Week was totaly great will there be another anytime soon?

Apollo: you should all go out right now and find some POCKY!!! And please send me a box too <>(*_*_<>.

Apollo: Auger: Kewl thanks for watching it :) I hope to be hosting more Sci-Fi Channel stuff too :).

Moderator: <ComputerChipRC> "/msg Moderator" Apollo will you host the Anime Festival next year?

Apollo: Auger: What was your fave anime that week? Mine was Galaxy Express 999.

Apollo: .

Apollo: ComputerChipRC: I know that they want me back to host it again :) and maybe next year they'll let the fans pick whick Anime THEY want to watch?? .

Apollo: .

Moderator: <Rip-Hunter> Apollo are you going to make any special appearences tomorrow at Dragon*Con, I would really like to meet you. And I am goining to be there tomorrow.

Apollo: Rip-Hunter: YEAH I just clapped for you, did ya see it??? I want you to come to our Team Smile table upstairs on the "Walk of Fame" row and hang out with us!! Okee dokee???.

Apollo: .

Moderator: <JakeTheFake> Have you ever thought of doing a show with the Sci-Fi Channel? You know, a weekly kind of thing. Maybe even animated....Lord only knows there's a market for it....

Apollo: JaketheFake: RIGHT ON!!!!! Yep gave it LOTS N' LOTS of thought...in fact I think about that all thee time <>(*_*)<> I would really dig having my own live action tv show like Xena has!!.

Apollo: .

Moderator: <ComputerChipRC> <Apollo> How long it take for you to learn to speak Japanese?

Apollo: ComputorChipRC: Well, I take lessons from my sesai once a week and I'm a t like a level 3 student. You should learn Japanese, it's da' bomb!!.

Apollo: .

Moderator: Welcome new chatters. We are chatting live with Apollo Smile from Dragon*Con 98 in Atlanta, Georgia. Please send questions for Apollo to Moderator.

Apollo: Suimasen everyone...i spelt sensai wrong...

Apollo: .

Moderator: <JakeTheFake> What music do you like that would be playing on the radio RIGHT NOW? You know, the popular stuff?

Apollo: Jakethefake: I like Beastie Boyz, Fluke, Madonna.

Apollo: .

Moderator: <ircleuser> <To Apollo> What does your husband do for a living? How long have you guys been married?

Apollo: ircleuser: well, seeing that Douglas who's sitting right here in the chat room, but is too SHY to get online with all the kewl fans to say for himself...yes that was him BTW....

Apollo: .

Apollo: Douglas is the Creator of Team Smile Inc. and the visionary for lots of groovy stuff we produce!.

Apollo: .

Moderator: <Joe> What is live action anime?

Apollo: Joe: ME! (*_*)<>.

Apollo: .

Moderator: <Kui> Are you ever planning on doing an Anime Con in the St. Louis area, kirei na Apollo-chan?

Apollo: Kui: Hey everyone seeing my groovy crew right now???.

Apollo: Just allow me to introduce the crew of TOA...E, Jenn, Kory, Stina, Lawrence....

Apollo: .

Apollo: Team Smile crew are Douglas, Peter, Paul E and myself <>(*_*)<>.

Apollo: .

Moderator: What advice would you give fans who are interested in becoming a performer like yourself?

Apollo: Kui: St. louis sounds really groovy what anime cons happen there???.

Apollo: .

Moderator: We only have a few more minutes with Apollo, so please send any final questions you have now.

Apollo: I'm shy about giving advice, but I'll let you in on how I got into it. Go to as many cons as you can and NETWORK!! Perfect your craft and protect your vision <>(*_*)<> Don't know if that helps but if all else fails go to the animeonlinenetwork and seek help???.

Apollo: .

Moderator: What cons will you be attending in the near future?

Apollo: Elaine Barlow is a MASTERMIND at helping folks see their true potential, and she's very friendly :).

Apollo: .

Apollo: Me and Team Smile are touring the following cons: Big Apple in NYC, Pittsburgh Comic-con, Coast-Con in Mississippi to name a few, but go to the Wire section of the Apolloites.org website and get more info >.

Apollo: .

Moderator: <JakeTheFake> Is there the SLIGHTEST chance that you'll be hiring anyone new to work with you?

Apollo: Jakethe fake: Hiring???? What do you do???.

Apollo: .

Apollo: I know that I only have a few more minutes with y'all, but I'd like to say Domo Arigato Gozaimanita to you for joining me on this chat!!.

Apollo: .

Moderator: Thanks, Apollo, for chatting with us this evening. Do you have any final thoughts to leave with your fans?

Apollo: Remember, go to the Media section on the Apolloites.org site and see the live performance from DragonCon ok!!!.

Apollo: .

Moderator: <Eternity> Your the BEST Apollo... keep it up!!

Moderator: <ComputerChipRC> <Apollo> Thanks for stopping by.

Moderator: <JakeTheFake> MAD PROPS TO MISS APOLLO SMILE!!!!

Apollo: And everyone MUST tell Elaine Barlow what a SUPER_GROOVY job she does on the Apolloites.org sight, ok??? Kewl thats for me! Thanks!.

Apollo: .

Moderator: Access Apollo's web site at http://apolloites.org

Moderator: <Kui> *bows to Miss Apollo-chan* You're da bomb!

Moderator: <JakeTheFake> Peace and blessings on you and yours, A

Moderator: That's all for this evening, folks...

Moderator: Be sure to check this site out tomorrow, as we will be chatting with Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, Peter David, C.J. Cherryth, and others.

Apollo: Eternity:JaketheFake:ComputerChipRC:KUI: YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! Thanks for being so groovy and please go to my website and email me! Join the Groove Army and rock with the best!!!.

Apollo: .

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Velvet: Hello people

Vash: Thanks for bring us Dragon Con

JakeTheFake: One day we will meet, Apollo, if the fates allow....

JakeTheFake: Mad props to SFC for letting Dragoncon use their chatrooms

Atone: Apollo I wanted to say hi before you left

Rip-Hunter: Hopefully that day will be tomorrow for me.

sp4: ill be on eicn later shayla gotta go for now

Kui: Thanks for coming here, Apollo.

JakeTheFake: Rip, you lucky SOB

JakeTheFake: All the love to Miss Apollo here....

joxer33: hi apollo

Eternity: B-B-B-B Thats all folks....