Last Updated on Wednesday, July 17
Vacation Posted 8-1-2003
I'm going on vacation for about 6 days. You all had better behave until I get back!
Progress Update Posted 7-28-2003
I've installed our forums now. I'll probably configure the layout, colors, and images to match the rest of the site sometime later. I've also added our first piece of real content, DrunkenWrestler's player color list! As for StarForge, progress has been great during the last three days. I have almost finished the basic aspects of the trigger editor, and improved the terrain loading time dramatically. I'm also considering opening testing of Alpha to more people. There's a very good chance that Alpha 1.1.1 or 1.2 will be public, so stay tuned! All downloads will be hosted here, on the editors page.
New Site Posted 7-17-2003
One of my old friends has kindly offered this subdomain for the new home of Team StarEdit's website. If I can scrounge up $8 per year, I might buy my own domain, but until then, this is it. I'll be installing our own forums soon too. Hopefully I'll be able to manage keeping this site updated at least once or twice a week.
Blah - Heimdal Posted 5-9-2003
Well, I've got a forum for the site. Go and register if you haven't already. I still need to make some more boards, I'll probably do that whenever the site starts getting some hits (like when TSE comes out). TSE is going pretty well, I've greatly decreased the required loading time for graphics. There are still some bugs I need to work out, though. Here at school I've been working on a new and improved MPQ viewer, which will look more like Windows Explorer and Winzip. It will also let you have more than one archive open at a time, and also have drag-and-drop features so you can just drag files between archives and between archives and the hard disk.
TSE Update, Website Update - Heimdal Posted 4-28-2003
I put up some more pages for the site today, although they're rather devoid of content so far. I'll be posting some maps and programs later today. As for TSE, it looks like I'm going to be working with Tuxedo-Templar (Omega) and integrating our editors. I fixed a terrain bug last night, and started working on getting the trigger editor from the older version to work with the new DLL. Terrain loading still needs a little work (I haven't finished all of my optimization ideas yet). I'll also be working on the terrain editor after getting the basic trigger editor done.
More Research Needed - Heimdal Posted 4-17-2003
Well, good news and bad news. The bad news is that TSE will yet again undergo a major makeover in regard to its inner workings. I've been doing some research on Storm.dll and decided that I should use it for at least MPQ reading, and possibly some graphics functions. I also need to do research on the .DAT files so I can make TSE compatible with custom modifications, as well as read a large part of its supporting data from StarDat.mpq instead of hard-coding it into the program. I made this decision after realizing that terrain loading was too slow (but not unbearable) and I didn't know how to render unit and overlay graphics without exporting ALL of the GRP graphics to bitmaps - and then loading those, which would be even slower. So, in short, TSE will be blazing fast, but I need to step back and do a little more research, which will take some time...
New Website - Heimdal Posted 4-16-2003
Ok, ok, so I hope this will be the final one...I copied many aspects of the original site KamiBolt had made, because I like its colors and layout. The website will be a project for me when I get bored or too unmotivated to work on TSE. I'll be adding more sections over the next few weeks, and adding a forum whenever I can get a host with CGI.
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