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3D Graphics Programming
with QuickDraw 3D 1.5.4

This technical document describes QuickDraw 3D, a graphics library that you can use to define three-dimensional (3D) models, apply colors and other attributes to parts of the models, and create images of those models. You can use these capabilities to develop a wide range of applications, including interactive three-dimensional modeling, simulation and animation, data visualization, computer-aided drafting and design, games, and many others.

Note: The QuickDraw 3D API is not part of Mac OS X or Carbon.
If you are writing 3D applications for Mac OS, we recommend using OpenGL.

New Features for QuickDraw 3D 1.6



Introduction to QuickDraw 3D

3D Viewer

QuickDraw 3D Objects

Geometric Objects

Attribute Objects

Style Objects

Transform Objects

Light Objects

Camera Objects

Group Objects

Renderer Objects

Draw Context Objects

View Objects

Shader Objects

Pick Objects

Storage Objects

File Objects

Pointing Device Manager

Error Manager

Mathematical Utilities

Color Utilities

3D Metafile 1.5 Reference

QuickDraw 3D RAVE




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