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Top 10 Network SF TV Shows
Alias 2.2
Smallville 1.9
Enterprise 1.3
Twilight Zone 1.3
Smallville encore 1.3
Charmed 1.1

Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report, 6/30/03 - 7/6/03. Fewer than 10 entries appear this week, because fewer than 10 SF&F programs aired during the week on broadcast networks.

9:00am ET, 9-July-03

 SCI FI Unveils Film Slate

The SCI FI Channel announced a new slate of original films set to premiere in 2004-'05, as the network increases its production to 22 originals per year, with about two premiering each month. The channel calls the films "a blend of special effects, bone-crunching fight scenes and out-of-this-world creatures." The SCI FI Saturday Action movies are a ratings success story for the channel: Since SCI FI introduced them in 2002, they have averaged a household rating of 1.4, 40 percent higher than the channel's average.

Among the upcoming productions:
Dead Rail. A detective on board a bullet train on its inaugural run to Las Vegas must overcome his haunted past to destroy hostile aliens. Written by Brian Smith, founder of SCIFI.COM's Seeing Ear Theatre, and produced by Glow Worm.
Darklight. Lilith, a superhuman warrior cursed with immortality, must battle an escaped genetically engineered creature carrying a deadly virus. Directed by Bill Platt, former development executive for the SCI FI Channel's Exposure. Production begins in Sofia, Bulgaria, with UFO Films in July.
Chupacabra. The mythical beast is captured and smuggled aboard a cruise ship en route to America, but escapes, and Navy SEALs are brought in to destroy the monster. Produced by Regent Films.
Raptor Island. Raptors are discovered on a remote island when an elite team journeys deep into the jungle to rescue a kidnapped scientist. Produced by 100% Entertainment.
Mansquito. A scientist trying to find a cure for the West Nile Virus accidentally transforms herself and a junkie into mutant mosquito creatures. Produced by Nu Image.
Alien Blood. An alien army invades Earth, demanding the sacrifice of 1 million humans, and a small band of human prisoners rebels. Produced by UFO Films.
Larva. A dirty meat-packing company sells meat contaminated with larvae, and the larvae begin to growing inside the customers. Produced by Nu Image.
Hammerhead. While working on stem-cell research, a scientist transforms his subject into a mutant shark-beast. Produced by Nu Image.

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