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Welcome to, Your Online Source For Everything EVIL™. If you are a supervillain, mad scientist, warlord, dictator, or despot, then this is the place for you.

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No word instills fear in the hearts of the worthless human populace than "mime," and for good reason. Since the days of ancient Greece, these harbingers of silent torture have forced their so-called "art" upon countless millions of annoyed and unamused spectators. But even within the evil fraternity of mimes, one name is spoken with trepidation and dread. He is the Dark Prince of Mimes, the one called The Myme. And he's our June Customer of the Month.

In preparation for its impending annihilation by U.S. Forces, the Government of Iraq Syria is liquidating its entire stock of Weapons Grade Plutonium-239. VillainSupply is acting as broker for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Act NOW!!

Price: US$25,000,000 per metric ton CHEAP!!

A Message From The Preserved Head of Josef Mengele, Webmaster,

June is Villainy History Month. Did you know, for instance, that one of the earliest megamaniacal supervillains, Genghis Khan, possessed superhuman strength and agility due to exposure to a jade meteorite? Or that the first modern obvious and accessible self-destruct device was installed by Napoleon Bonaparte at Château de Malmaison in 1799? Or that America's first African-American Supervillain, Freeky Da Pimp, liked to wear women's shoes? There is so much lore and tradition to supervillainy that is denied to the general public.

June 2003 marks Step 10 of Phase 2 of Project Glassy Desert, which is itself Phase XVIII of our Master Plan for Global Domination. Nice to see the Israeli-Arab Conflict flaring up right on schedule. If they knew what they were really fighting over --- BWA HA HA HA!
A Message From Sergeant Celsius, Chief of Sales,

Some of you have wondered if we ship to the United Kingdom. You probably ask this because Great Britain is a pitiful pawn of our arch-nemeses, the Church of England / Vatican / Reptilloid Conspiracy. But fear not; we currently ship to the U.K. (and Canada) at U.S. rates, as part of our "CLAIM THE U.K. FOR W.D." initiative.
So You're A Big Fan of, But You're Not Planning To Take Over The World Right Now.

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Lairs & Bases: Custom hideouts for villains of all incomes. See preexisting properties on
Traps & Torture: Because the good guys won't punish themselves.
Henchperson Gear: Everything your lackeys are lacking.
Small & Medium Arms: Back up your threats with the finest in weapons.
Heavy Arms: When a pistol won't send the message, go for a bigger stamp.
Superweapons: Hold cities hostage. Terrorize populations.
Doomsday Devices: The final option. We sell in bulk.
Superpowers: When you can't count on underlings, we'll help you DIY.
Miscellaneous Evil: If it's not here, you can't buy it.
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Ugh.  "Good" guys.
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