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Four scenes from Meyerhold's 1925 production of Nikolai Erdman's satirical comedy "The Warrant". The first photograph illustrates the acrobaticism demanded of all of Meyerhold's actors. The second shows one of Meyerhold's favorite actors, Ernst Garin, as Pavel Guliachkin. The final two are taken from the wedding scene in the last act. Note the dual levels of stage activity in the first of these two, and the carefully detailed costumes in the second.

In 1926, the Moscow Art Theater produced Mikhail Bulgakov's play "The Days of the Turbins", based on his novel "The White Guard". Critics were outraged that Bulgakov portrayed the white officers with a great deal of sympathy, but the public loved the play, as did Stalin himself. The sets and costumes by Ilia Sudakov were done to the usual standard of Moscow Art Theater realism.

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