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Peter Mangs 29 years old - Malmo, Sweden
Peter Mangs began a dialogue in 1999 to tell about his medically necessary double trepanation. In his youth he had the condition called hydrocephalus (excess brain water). His story begins here with e-mail he's written to ITAG.
Peter Mangs to ITAG : I´d like to be posted at your web site but I have to get a good picture first. I lived in the U.S. for three years ´96 -´99 and I caught you on "Stern" I'm sending you a "meanwhile-picture" for now.. Generally, I have the type of personality that is more imaginative than absolutely rational so I tend to fall for answers that are more bold. I just like the idea that my intelligence was boosted by this operation, I come from a family of workers. Hard, repetitive, physical labour is our history, but not for me. The idea was first brought to my attention, talking to a woman who was the head of a phsyciatric - institution in Landskrona, Sweden. She was also more bold and artisticly inclined , she simply said : - You´re lucky you got through it (the operation), many people get retarded and if they´re not retarded they become super-normal. Notice that the doctor first made two horizontal cuts and then drilled two holes. The holes, I guess have grown as I have!? I actually remember the guy`s glasses,cause in the style of the day ´73 they were kinda´ thick, (the frames that is). For now, Peter
ITAG to Peter Mangs:
Hi Peter, Things are going well here on the trepanation front and we now have a clinic set up in Mexico where the surgery is being done electively by a respected cranio-facial reconstructive surgeon. Your story would be interesting to have posted at the web site as another demonstration that it's all right to have a hole in your head and even two. Another picture and some more commentary would be very helpful. Could you give me your address? I want to send you a copy of the info packet that is just being finished. It includes some testimonials of people who were recently trepanned. I'd like to include your story there too with you permission. When you can get around to it please do so.
Statement on Trepanation - Peter Mangs, Sweden I never thought much about it - me being trepanned. It was first brought to my attention by the head-psychiatrist in Landskrona, Sweden, in 1992. She was a middle-aged woman who had the aura of being more free-spirited than "stiff", the kind of person that was more open to at least investigating "new" ideas. Trepanning is nothing new, but it is certainly controversial, at least the idea that it would be good for you. She told me that I was lucky to have survived, not necessarily the trepanning-procedure, but the trauma of having a water-deposit beneath the skull as an infant. She said: - You had a 50% chance of becoming retarded, even with the operation, and if you don't become retarded, you stand a good chance of being supernormal. I felt kind of special as she said it, supernormal means that the brain functions better than without the operation. The healthcare-system in Sweden was, at that time, the best in the world and I could have been the son of the King, and would still have cost those lousy $50 - for the same treatment, regardless of the financial status of the individual. I was struck by reading the comments of the other trepanees. I recognise the feeling of being at ease with my life, there is not a whole lot that worries me. Like when I was a preteen - no worries. I think that, for me, being alone has more variation, and I always get tired of other people having "convictions", they seem limiting. I understand everyone and judge no-one, very rare... It seems here on earth we are animals and our conscience does not exist in the physical universe. We in the western world have the most because we've killed the most and still do. I'd rather call myself a conscious animal than a civilised human being. Like the movie "Species". A thousand years ago, when the Vikings came onto American soil and got pierced by the arrows of the Indians, they said: -Damn, we're hit! ...thats it, they certainly didn't think the Indians were savage, nor did they think they were evil for trying to protect what they saw as theirs. -Very Vikingish... Trepanning sounds exciting enough, the question is if the operation has a suggestive effect - or to be specific: How much of an effect? I don't know, I've always lived with it. I think it makes sense, because it's gutsy. "Dull is dangerous" Peter
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