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End-of-Life Choices” is New Name for Oldest, Largest Right to Die Organization

~”Dignity Compassion Control” tagline to accompany new moniker

DENVERJuly 21, 2003—The oldest and largest right to die organization in North America has changed its name to “End-of-Life Choices.” The new tagline for the organization, founded in 1980, is “Dignity Compassion Control.”

End-of-Life Choices is an association whose members support every person’s right of choice and dignity in the final chapter of their lives,” said Paul A. Spiers, Ph.D., chairman of the board of End-of-Life Choices. “The new name is a more direct and accurate description of who we are and of the issues we support.”

End-of-Life Choices is a non-profit organization supported by memberships and donations. The organization, which receives no government funding, oversees and manages political and legislative activities aimed at changing the law so that dying patients can choose a peaceful death as part of the continuum of care at the end of life.

The organization’s foundation is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization that initiates and carries out educational, research and patient advocacy activities to help adults plan for a peaceful death. It is supported by individual gifts that are tax deductible. Programs for members include the Caring Friends and Patient Advocacy. The foundation also publishes and distributes books, tapes and other materials explaining the full spectrum of end-of-life choices and publishes a quarterly magazine.

“We are trying to help maximize the options for a good death, including the legalization of physician aid in dying for terminally ill, mentally competent adults who request it under careful safeguards,” said David Brand, chief executive officer, End-of-Life Choices. “Building on the courageous and bold leadership of our founders, Choices is engaging in national advocacy efforts for the purpose of creating a climate of dialogue and policy, and to enact laws so that all Americans can live with the freedom to choose a dignified death.”

Formerly known as the Hemlock Society, End-of-Life Choices is committed to grassroots organizing, public relations, legal strategizing and other forms of advocacy. The organization’s goal is to persuade elected and appointed officials to support the two-thirds of Americans who believe that our struggle for civil rights and liberty can not be fulfilled unless the laws of our land respect our wishes for death with dignity.

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