mIRC and LinkSys Router (EtherFast 4-Port 10/100)  Set Up Help

Once you have finished setting up your LinkSys router, and you are connected to the Internet, you still have a little work to do.   This is in the manual, so follow the directions in it!

Open up a browser and type in
A menu will open.  Type nothing in the top box, in the 2nd box type: admin



The next screen is how you communicate with the router software.  Be sure to fill out all applicable boxes according to the directions in the manual and from your ISP.  This setup is for dynamic (always changes) IP, not static.  Settings will be different for static IP address.

For mIRC to work properly with your router setup, you need to 'forward' (or open/allow) certain information to come through the router to your pc for mIRC to use.   Click the Advanced tab (orange tab shown above), then click the 'Forwarding' tab.

Now, here is where it might get confusing but once you understand it, it's really very simple, .  You need to 'open' the router door to allow for ident and DCC ability.  You need to do this (open this door) for each of the computers connected to your router.

The green circle is where your computers 'address' (ip for router) is located.  The last placement value diferenciates between different machines connected.  Machine A = 100.  Machine B = 101

The red circle indicates what 'door' (ports) to open, or what range of ports.  Circled in red is 113, this number = ident.
So to enable ident to work, 113 is filled in both boxes.

The pink arrow shows both machines, connected to this router,  with ports 8000 - 9000  open.
The orange arrow shows only Machine A with ports 4990 - 5000 open.  Both sets of ports could be for DCC sends/chats


Once you are finished with your port forwarding, you need to make mIRC match which ports you have opened for DCC.
File - Options - DCC - Options    Here you will see the location for the DCC Ports setting.  You need to match the ports you want to DCC on, with those in the router forwarding section.



Identd Settings:
Be sure you have enabled Identd  File - options - connect - Identd
"User ID" should be your user name from your ISP account.

Local Info Settings:
Be sure you have your 'Lookup method' set to [x]Server

( File - options - connect - firewall ) be sure to UNcheck the firewall settings.

*Note: This was MY experience with this specific type of router (LinkSys EtherFast 4 port  BEFSR41 v.2 ).
Read the instructions that came with your router.    This cannot be stressed enough.

Karen` @#mIRC - Efnet