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July 28, 2003

Council Renames Regional Communications and Emergency Coordination Center in honor of
Kent Pullen

The Metropolitan King County Council today voted unanimously to honor the legacy of former Councilmember Kent Pullen by renaming the County’s Regional Communication and Emergency Coordination Center (RCECC) in his honor.  

Pullen, who passed away in April, served the 9th Council District for 13 years. He was a strong advocate of law enforcement, working to better equip and train King County Sheriff’s deputies and jail correction officers, modernize the County’s emergency radio system, and improve educational improvement and intervention methods for at-risk children and victims of domestic violence.

“It’s fitting that a center that will help coordinate communication between law enforcement and emergency services is going to carry Kent’s name,” said Councilmember Dow Constantine, chair of the Council’s Labor, Operations and Technology Committee. “His name could have graced a number of buildings in King County, but with his legacy of support for law enforcement agencies, the RCECC is a particularly appropriate tribute.”

The RCECC is currently under construction in Renton and is expected to be fully operational by September 30th. Once finished, the center will provide 24-hour emergency 911 call-taking and dispatch services. The facility will also serve as a base of operations for the County’s Office of Emergency Management during times of catastrophe.

 “Councilmember Pullen’s involvement with the region’s law enforcement agencies improved the safety of all County residents,” said Councilmember Steve Hammond. “The RCECC is one of the legacies of his commitment to all of the people of King County, and those of us in the 9th District are honored the center will carry his name.”

Read more about this legislation on the King County Council’s LEGISEARCH system at and type in “2003-0304”