Connecting Private LANs to the Internet

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Share Multiple Internet Connections with NAT32E Version 1.7

Run NAT32E alongside Windows ICS

Free RASPPPoE Driver for all Windows Platforms

UPnP-capable FTP Server for Windows

Many home and small business users have private local area networks with only a single computer connected to the Internet.
NAT32® is a Microsoft Windows® application which gives all computers on your private LANs direct Internet access. NAT32 runs only on the computer with the Internet connection and acts as an enhanced IP Router for the other computers on your private networks. The computer running NAT32 retains totally unmodified Internet access, and all applications on that computer will continue to run as before. On your other computers, most of your networking applications will require no reconfiguration, they simply pass all Internet packets to the NAT32 router, which forwards them to the Internet.

NAT32 supports Connection Sharing of Modems, ISDN Adapters, ADSL Adapters and Cable Modems. Each of your private computers is configured to use the NAT32 Router's unique private IP address as its DNS Server and Default Gateway. NAT32's built-in DHCP Server can configure the private computers automatically if you set them to "Obtain an IP address automatically" in Control Panel, Network, TCP/IP Properties.

NAT32® is available in two different versions: NAT32 Standard and NAT32 Enhanced.
NAT32 Enhanced has a new, simplified user interface called the Quick Dialog. Toolbar Icons let you select commonly needed features with a single mouse click. A list box displays the most important NAT32E Settings. To test and modify those settings, simply double-click the desired list box entry to access its configuration dialog box.

The details in the Quick Dialog are updated dynamically, giving you instant feedback if a connection goes down, a Name Server has failed or any other important settings have changed.

A Progress Bar shows the current throughput for each Internet adapter NAT32E is currently using.

NAT32E  is the only package of its kind to offer a full-featuredPPPoE Server Testbed for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP platforms. This feature works in conjunction with the RASPPPoE driver and allows tracing and debugging of PPPoE traffic.

NAT32E is the only package of its kind to fully support multiple Internet Interfaces, multiple private LANs and multiple private LAN gateways. It surpasses Microsoft® Internet Connection Sharing in both performance and flexibility and is well-suited for use in large networks with complex private LAN topologies.

NAT32E is now compatible with Windows ICS. Use ICS to share one Internet Connection and NAT32E to share other Internet Connections.

All versions of NAT32 fully support the Windows Dial-Up Networking Server in TCP/IP mode. Run NAT32 on your Office machine and then dial in from home to access the Internet. No more busy tones, poor throughput or monthly ISP charges!

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Download NAT32 Standard Build 1167

[NAT32 Version 6.4.5 (NT4/95/98/SE/ME]
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  • Runs on all Windows platforms except 2000/XP.
  • Supports one Dial-Up Networking Adapter and up to two LAN Adapters.
  • Supports two networks on one LAN Adapter.
  • PPPoE support for DSL users.
  • One-way cable modem support (including 3COM USR).
  • NetMeeting support.
  • Designed for small home networks.
  • Auto-configuration.
  • Flexible configuration options.
  • Full DUN and RAS Server support.
  • Runs on legacy platforms (9x/NT4).



  • Free configuration and setup support for all users.
  • Before requesting support, please read the HOW TO pages, the FAQ and the Help Pages.
  • You must attach your current INFO.TXT file, produced by clicking Help/Diagnostics in the NAT32 Console.
  • DO NOT attach WORD documents, screen dumps or similar, as such email will be rejected.
Registration  Specialist Support and Customization 

NAT32 Enhanced Build 1057

[NAT32E Version 1.7 (95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP)]


  • Designed for demanding users with complex private LAN topologies and multiple Internet connections.
  • Runs on all Windows Platforms (IE5 or higher recommended).
  • Support for up to 16 Adapters of almost any type.
  • Supports multiple default routes.
  • Supports Connection Aggregation. Use two or more 56K Modems at once for high throughput.
  • Source Routing allows any private network to use a specific Internet interface.
  • No renumbering of existing private networks required.
  • Full DUN server support on all platforms.
  • Enhanced Configuration Dialogs.
  • Enhanced Administration features.
  • Toolbar for one-click access to commonly used features.
  • Enhanced Tracing features including raw PPPoE..
  • Supports ProxyARP.
  • Enhanced PPPoE support for ADSL users.
  • Automatic settings change detection for any adapter.
  • SNMP and RIP support.
  • Compatible with Windows Internet Connection Sharing. 
  • All NAT32 features supported.
  • New WEB-based user interface.
  • NAT32E Home Edition US $25.00 for an unlimited number of users on a single private network, 30-day setup and configuration support.
  • NAT32E Professional Edition US $50.00 for an unlimited number of users on multiple private networks, full 90-day support.
  • Full details on the latest registration options are available by clicking Help/How to Register in the NAT32E Console.
  • Email support for registered users.
  • Support for all aspects of private network design and configuration available.
  • Customisation to meet special needs available.
  • NAT32 API for programmers available. 
  • OEM Versions available.
  • Before requesting support, please read the HOWTO pages, the FAQand the Help Pages.
  • Please  include your Order Number in the Subject line of your Email.
  • You must attach your current INFO.TXT file, produced by clicking Help/Diagnostics in the NAT32E Console.
  • DO NOT attach WORD documents, screen dumps or similar, as such email will be rejected.
About NAT32E Connection Aggregation

NAT32E is the only product of its type to fully support multiple simultaneous Internet connections. This feature can even be used with two or more 56K Modems for high throughput. This is a geat alternative for users with no Broadband access and does not require ISP Multilink support. Several connection selection algorithms are available including least recently used and round robin


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