Welcome to ModZine's Issue 5
Welcome to ModZine's issue number 5! To read an article, click its title. We hope that you will enjoy this issue; have fun :).
pogzEditorial: Windows XP Activation
Is Windows XP's activation really EVIL? Find out as pogz gets de-activated.

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BruBInterview: Skinz.org's new owner.
BruB,s first interview with Modzine, and it's a big one, one on one with the new owner of Skinz.org. See if the legend lives on.

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pogzLIUtilities' WinBackup
It's important to backup when you're constantly hacking system files...

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BruBThe skinning community at large
Is there too many communities and not enough skinners?

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pogzLIUtilites' SpeedUpMyPC
Mm, who wouldn't want a speedier PC? Read on about this easy-to-use config app.

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plasticIconPick: BeOS revisited
The BeOS look transformed to fit in your OS these days...

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plasticTweakage: shellfolder attributes
Shellfolders, like the bin, my computer, control panel, lots more, all have an "Attributes" value in the registry. Giving the bin a rename option, way old tweak, is done there. There's more for your perusal.

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plasticFunbox: random moodswings
The colors on your screen made to tap the mood of your mind at this particular time of day...

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