Desert Blast Rules and Regulations
1. No friends, guests, offspring or anyone permitted to Desert Blast under the age of 18. No exceptions.

2. No pets, Period. If you bring pets to Desert Blast, we will shoot them in front of you (or set them on fire, depending on our mood at the time). We'll probably shoot you too for bringing them.

3. Clean up after yourself. There's enough stuff to clean up in the morning without your bag of trash. Take all of your garbage home with you.

4. There are no bathrooms; there are only bushes. Don't count on being able to use an RV bathroom just because you see some RVs around.

5. Your safety is your own problem. If you get hurt or the paint gets burnt off your car, it's your own fault. Don't come complaining to anyone or expect anyone to pay for damages; we'll only laugh at you and then probably shoot you.

6. Sleazy, attractive women who wear as little as possible and people who bring (and share) their alcohol and drugs are always welcome.

7. Invited guests may bring two friends. If you bring more, we will kick the living shit out of you and your buddies. Chances are, if you haven't done anything to help us with Desert Blast this year, we couldn't care less if your show up or not, much less your deadbeat friends.

8. People attending from out of town: Plan on staying at a hotel. No, you can't stay with us. Provide your own transportation.

9. You will be in the middle of the desert in the summer. If you don't bring food and water for yourself, you will die.

10. There will be large fireworks, explosions, loud noises, unsafe conditions and other dangerous things such as random gunfire and intoxicated people with flame-throwers. If these things frighten you, you're at the wrong party.

11. If you bring any of your own fireworks (homemade or commercial), fire them out on the range where the other fireworks are lit, not in front of your camp or where people are sitting. Do not bring any homemade high explosives. No, we don't trust your handiwork.

12. Please shoot guns only in the designated area. Try real hard not to kill anyone.