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Hall Of Fame

Inductee: Randy Spears

    Randy Spears has a history in the adult business.
    "I've been here since the days of wooden ships and iron men," he says with a chuckle. "I was around when the vice cops were still kicking in the doors of our sets in the early '80s. Back then it was a very small family. We had a lot more fun back then. Not that it's not fun now, but it was different then.
     "Those were the days when guys were expected to do two scenes in one day. Now, if somebody asks me if I can do two scenes in one day, I'll say, 'Sure... but I don't want to.' I'd rather be on the golf course at 4 o'clock."
    Spears started as a model and worked in soap operas, movies, some television - "Remember After School Specials? I did lots of those." - and theater before he met Ona Zee doing makeup on a modeling shoot. "She gave me her card. She said, 'You've got a good body, if you ever want to do any nude work...,' I was like, 'Ohmygawd no. That'll ruin my career.' My stomach started rumbling about two weeks after, because I didn't have any food in my cabinet, and I thought, 'You know what, I'm gonna give it a shot.'
    "I showed up, went home with $400 cash, slept with a good-lookin' girl, and I thought, 'Hmmmm. I can do this.'
    Spears says he�s never had an acting lesson. "I just watched how people behaved. Watched a lot of old movies. I figured it out. You learn so much by watching them as an actor. Delivery. Cadence. Body language. Everything. They're seamless, those actors of old."
    Spears took a hiatus from adult in the early '90s, when he married performer Danielle Rodgers and they had a child. "We wanted to change the household environment, ended up moving to Colorado. We started a business there."
    When Spears and Rogers broke up, he came back to L.A. "It was a shock coming back," he recalls. "Massive. Not only did the players all change, the shooters and all the directors were different. The business had just grown, and was running more parallel to mainstream."
    Director/performer Jonathan Morgan remembers seeing Spears when he first started: "When I first got into this business 11 years ago, I remember watching a movie by Paul Thomas called The Masseuse and I was floored by [Spears� abilities]. When he took a break, I was saddened by the fact that here was someone I was starting to form a friendship with... but I was also relieved in that my biggest competition was out of the way.
     "Randy came back, and I was able to get that relationship going again, this time director-to-actor. He is the most versatile, most multi-dimensional actor in our business. Add on the fact that he has a great build, is a great sexual performer, and a personality that has zero ego - he is so humble, and so kind - that is why I haven't made a movie that I haven't wanted to have Randy in."
    Writer/director Cash Markman, who has worked with Spears on "at least 50" projects, feels the same way. "Randy Spears is in my opinion one of the best actors in adult movies, and the wonderful thing about him is that he is equally talented in both drama and comedy. His comedic talent is excellent, and in serious movies he is one of the few who can play a multi-dimensional character.
     "I can tell him that I want him to play a character who is cocky, yet vulnerable, and he can bring out these two elements simultaneously. My favorite work we've done together is in the five Sex Trek videos where he played Captain Quirk."
    Although he has been honored at the Hot d'Ors in Cannes and has won several AVN Awards, Spears remains modest. "I have been privileged to have been in the best pictures made in the adult business... I saw in AVN that one of the best videos was Night Trips (actually, the 1989 Andrew Blake-directed film was selected by AVN last September as the greatest adult production of all time. - Ed.). I was proud of that. Still am.
     "I'm proud of he fact that I still am a commodity to people who are still making pictures, still telling stories. It's fun. I've had the opportunity to play many, many different types of roles. But I have been able to practice my craft all these years on a regular basis, as a working actor. I'm proud of that."

- Tod Hunter

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