August 7, 2003
Get Rad...Take Two
We have a confession to make: we were hoping to hold out the release of Get Rad until November in hopes of it winning the coveted "Holiday Album of 2003" award. No dice. Everyone breathe a collective sigh of relief, Get Rad will be "released" universe-wide on this website on September 2nd. We will start pre-selling the record in about a week or so, so stay tuned. Also, we're working on new stickers and possibly new t-shirts. Now we can all get along.
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July 22, 2003
Buy CDs
Today is a big day at the music store. "A Different Shade of Green", the Green Day Tribute Album featuring Inspection 12's cover of "F.O.D." is in stores nationwide today. While you are at the record store, be sure to also pick up Yellowcard's "Ocean Avenue", which Pete dropped some nasty bass tracks on.
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July 7, 2003
Mailing List Sign-up
If you've always wanted to be on a mailing list, here's your chance. Just send an email to with the subject line "SUBSCRIBE" (don't write anything in the body of the email!) and you'll be added. Some of the perks for signing up include emails from us, as well as some other surprises. Cheers.
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June 26, 2003
Store News
For all of you who want to buy stuff from the store, but don't have a printer, pen, envelope, and stamp, OR you are European, credit card purchases are now available at the store.
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June 18, 2003
Online Store / Green Day Tribute
I've been asked to update this site more often as far as news, even if we have nothing to report, so I'll keep that in mind next time something un-newsworthy happens. BUT, we do have two pieces of news today. First, the online store is open again, so give us all your money! Click the red, white, and blue S at the top of the page to go to the store. Secondly, the Green Day Tribute album featuring Inspection 12's cover of "F.O.D." will be released nationwide July 22nd on Skunk Ape Records. Be sure to pick up a copy at your local record store.
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June 10, 2003
Tallahassee Show Info
The show this Saturday night in Tallahassee is at The Beta Bar (the old Cow Haus). Doors open at 9pm and the show costs $5 at the door. We will be giving away autographed Tim Grisnik basketball shorts to the first 100 people in the door. Yahtz.
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June 5, 2003
Freebird Show Info
The show at Freebird Cafe tomorrow night costs $10 at the door. You can't get tickets online anymore, so get there early if you want to get in. Doors open at 8pm. Hope to see you all there.
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June 2, 2003
New Site
It has been a little over a year since we revamped this site, so we thought it was a good time to do so now. The navigation is across the top of each page, and the only main difference from the old site is that lyrics, tabs, sound clips, etc are all lumped into the Music section. Also, the Community section of the website contains the guestbook from the previous site as well as a new message board.
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May 30, 2003
Freebird Tickets / Tallahassee Show

If you want to get tickets ahead of time for the show next weekend at Freebird, you can purchase them online at, or you can buy them at Smash Music in Jacksonville Beach. Tickets are $10 online and $11 at Smash Music.

For those who haven't looked at the shows page recently, Inspection 12 will be playing on Saturday, June 14, in Florida's second coolest college town, Tallahassee, at The Beta Bar. Check the shows page for details.
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May 29, 2003
Get Rad Lyrics
The lyrics to Get Rad have been added to the music section. Enjoy.
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May 12, 2003
New Stuff
Hello everyone, this is Tim. I'm writing the update this time just for a change. We've got a few things for you this time and they're all good. First, since we've made everyone wait so long for the album, we're putting up 2 songs for you guys to download. I know that some people already have some of them, but here's Again and Nothing to Lose. Hope everyone likes them. Also, we are still in between labels and are currently weighing our options. We will be sure to let everyone know as soon as we get everything figured out. Finally, we are playing a show on Friday, June 6th at the Freebird Cafe in Jacksonville Beach. It should be a super fun show and we already have some really cool surprises planned everyone come. We'll let you know when we find out more, like when doors open and how to get tickets and stuff. Thats it....hope to see everyone at the show and enjoy the songs!
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April 2, 2003
Good News, Good News
Yesterday in the studio, Dan was doing his routine couch cushion check for any valuables that might be hiding in there, and low and behold, he found the vocals. Yep, they were there the whole time, so there was nothing to really panic about.
(it was an APRIL FOOL'S JOKE)

In other good news, the album is 98% done. The remaining 2% is just trivial matters such as finding the right pitch whistle to blow and stuff like that. The record will still be released on its originally planned date, which we don't know yet.
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April 1, 2003
Bad News, Good News

Since generally everyone wants the bad news first, here it is: an unforseen accident at the studio this past weekend caused all of the vocals to be erased. We're as bummed as you all are about it, but there's nothing we can do now except re-record everything.

The good news is, however, that the album will still be released. We're hoping late October, early November at the absolute latest. More details to come.
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March 15, 2003
Some Updates

Hey everyone, sorry for the ridiculously gross lack of updates recently, I was on vacation getting rad, but here's the scoop: the album is very very close to being all done, the artwork is all done, we just have to send it out and then it's up to Honest Don's when it'll be released.

Inspection 12's cover of the Green Day song "F.O.D." will be on the Green Day compliation being released by Skunk Ape Records. Check out in the next week or so for all the details about the comp. A lot of bands entered the contest and they could only pick 15, so it should be a really good tribute to Green Day.
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February 13, 2003
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

As we all know, Pete has been spending the last 7 months of his life drinking it away with the guys in Yellowcard. He also did some tours with them and helped write some songs for their new record. But Pete met with Elton John last week and they talked about many things ranging from Mormonism to doughnuts to Chinese Democracy (the new G'n'R record). Through Elton's keen words of wisdom, Pete saw much and came to a decision to say "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" and come home to Jacksonville. We here at home aren't the most thrilled, because it's going to be quite a task tracking down everything that we pawned. We all wish the best for Yellowcard and the long journey they are about to endure. It was fun boys!
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February 10, 2003
Recording is Done

Hey everyone, sorry for the completely uncalled for lack of updates, we just had nothing to update. But we do now: Get Rad is done being recorded and is now being mixed and mastered. We will know the release date soon and we'll post it as soon as we get it.

For now, you can download the entire version of Homesick. This is the rough unmixed version of the song.
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