Clay Walker Not Questioning Current Hit

The top of the country charts is territory Clay Walker is certainly familiar with yet nothing he takes for granted. His current smash hit, 'A Few Questions,' is already in the Top 20 and he continues to be touched by the response the song is generating.
Just the other day at a concert in Oregon, Walker was nearly stunned by the response of the crowd of 25,000. 'It's so exciting to see the reaction of the fans and realize that this song has moved them the way it moved me the first time I heard it,' Walker commented.

And it's not all work and no play for Walker and his band and crew as they continue to tour from coast to coast. At a recent tour stop in Michigan, Walker and company parked their buses at Lake Michigan, rented boats and took to the water for a little fun. They took a break long enough for Walker to take on the role of grill-meister, preparing steak and corn on the cob for his entire entourage.

This weekend Walker performs in Missouri and Illinois before heading to Indiana and Wisconsin. His debut RCA disc, A Few Questions, hits streets September 9.