Andrew W.K. - THE FACTS (as far as I can tell..)

It's all a bit confusing.

Is Andrew W.K. the man, or the band? Where did he come from? Who were the Pterodactyls? Why is there no official website? Is he as good as they say?

Well, I can answer a few of those. After extensive searching, cross referencing and supposition this is what I've deduced...

First. Yes. He is as good as they say. I haven't heard such a great collection of good time rock'n'roll tracks, since I first heard a Kiss album when I was 11. The songs that I've heard off of "Girls Own Juice" sound like a bar brawl between Kiss and Jim Steinman and the Sex Pistols, and "Party Hard" is one of the most perfect pop songs I've heard so far this Millenium. (see the "Andrew W.K. - Totally Unofficial Forums" for my other favourites, if you're interested)

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Andrew W.K. is signed to Def Jam / Island Records, and releases his first UK single (on Mercury) this month (October) and a follow up album in November.

Before being signed to Def Jam / Island, Andrew W.K. released an EP on the independant BULB label, entitled "Girl's Own Juice", and has a current release titled "Party Till You Puke". It's not clear from the website wether this info is up to date, and after following a few of the links on the site and ending up with unfinished, broken pages I wouldn't trust it..

Surfing the Bulb website, throws up an interesting, if somewhat confusing, piece of information. On the Andrew W.K. page there is a Biography of someone called Steev Mike, and an article from a magazine called Heartbeat. Click here to read them.

Dave Grohl talks about Andrew W.K.

How did you and Andrew WK hook up?
"Andrew WK is a true American hero. He's our saviour from the Midwest. It's hard to explain Andrew - only because you've never really seen anything like it before. You know, all i got was the demo and the promo shot which was Andrew with the worst bloody nose you've ever seen in your life and, in some bizarre way, it was the sexiest photo I've ever seen of a man in my life. My girlfriend immediately had the biggest crush on him. So it was a love hate relationship with Andrew.
"We had him do a few shows with us and it's just Andrew with a CD player and a microphone jumping around like a teenager in his bedroom singing along to Sweet songs. There's no gloom and doom - it's all about partying until you puke. (A buzzer sounds) Wait, can you hang on a second? My Chinese food is here. (Pause, shuffling Mmmm, Chinese food for breakfast..."

Further surfing has thrown up an excellent site called "The Blowup" which has an Andrew W.K. Photo Story, as well as an excellent article on ARE Weapons (another of my recent favourites).

Anyway, at the end of the day, I guess none of that really matters. The music really does speak for itself, and no complicated biography can detract from that! Until we get an official website to dispel the rumours we'll have to make do with guesswork...

As long as Andrew W.K. gets a party started, where we can have fun and get wasted, and where the music never stops, I'm sure we'll all be happy...

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