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This weeks award goes to Gill from sunny Devon. Gill is the first female player to win Player of The Week, "Always nice to play a game with Gill. Friendly person but a bit too keen on fragging me lol. Also a superb player. (I do like those little squeals when I actually manage to put a bullet in the right place. :-}" and "play her and fin out why ;)"
Gill you have been voted this week's SOF2 Player of the Week.

I vote for

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Posted Thursday, 31, July, 2003
Featured Map....... Big Freakin House
This map is very different - you are tiny in comparison to everything around you. There are 3 rooms. You can run through mouse and plug holes and warp from room to room via electric sockets! The designers Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee came up with an original idea and made it work, It's also great fun! Don't forget to check yourself out in the bathroom mirror.
You can download the map by clicking here
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GAS all RMG ...Darklord RMG Only... By Games DM
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-=Garbage Slug=- RMG ADD A SERVER Onetel Public DM
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Many servers are now running different versions of OSP 3. There are currently 4 different versions of OSP in use that you need to have download in order to play
on these servers. Those running the older 0.2 version are not affected so you should have no problems with them. You can download the latest version from:

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Calling All Garbage Animals
Garbage are now active on the Team Warfare Ladder at

Check out all the rules, once you've signed up and also check out all of the regulations and info provided we need to be prompt and play well here guys!
Its time to make a name for ourselves now this is big big news, we have to do this, we cant flake out now we have to come together.
To create an account and join OUR teams ladder the SOFII CTF

GO to My TWL at the top then go to REGISTER.

You will get a confirmation email on activation, activate it and log on

Instead of my TWL on top it will say your name

Go to MY TEAMS and look for ours. If that doesn't work Click Here

Click on our team name and sign up to play with us THE PASSWORD IS satan

I will add everyone to the roster and we shall challenge our first team in ONE week. Remember all your euro players this is all in US timing so they go by Eastern Standard Time and remember email me if you all need any help.


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