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Building a Jamma test rig / Supergun

In the following collection of pages you can learn how I built my own SuperGun, which lets you play Arcade PCBs without having to use an arcade cabinet. These pages are provided as a source of information, not a set of instructions.

Please do NOT e-mail me asking me to build you one as I simply don't have the time. Read through this document and have a go yourself - it's not that difficult.


I built my SuperGun and it works for me, how I built it is described here. If you attempt it and it doesn't work for you, or you blow up your boards, your TV, yourself or anything else then it's NOT MY FAULT! You use this information entirely at your own risk and I accept no responsibility whatsoever.

This is not a "Mickey Mouse" lead-you-by-the-hand set of instructions! Documentation is not of the style "You need a part *exactly* like this, now take part A and plug into part B". If you are not capable of thinking for yourself or you do not understand any part of the documentation then stop reading and point your browser elsewhere. This document provides information on how *I* built *my* Jamma Box. There is ample information included to enable you to build your own, but how you do that is entirely UP TO YOURSELF.

Should you wish to attempt such a project I suggest you read through the entire document several times first. If you don't know which is the hot end of a soldering iron then stop reading now - this project isn't for you.


What's this all about? Just what exactly is a SuperGun anyway?

Starting up

What you need Rough list of required parts
Start here
Identifying the connections
You really should do this Keying the Jamma connector

Power Supply Section

Enter the PC PSU... Powering the SuperGun from a PC Power Supply

Output Section

Easy bit Connecting up the Audio
TV, Scart, etc Connecting up the Video

Input Section - Non-player controls

Insert coin etc. Coin Door Switches

Input Section - Player controls

Yet more wiring... Connections from the Jamma connector
You should be able to use controllers from any console, in theory... General notes on using Console Controllers
Using Megadrive joysticks Using Megadrive (Genesis) Joysticks
How to build custom Arcade Controllers Building custom Arcade controllers

Finishing off

Housing the Jamma Box Housing the Jamma Box

Visitors designs: These may give you some more ideas. If you come up with a neat solution then send in a picture and I can post it here for others to see.

button4blue.gif (248 bytes) Barry's Supergun
button4blue.gif (248 bytes) Dave's Supergun
button4blue.gif (248 bytes) Grobda's Supergun

I have a question... can you help...?

Read this before e-mailing for help! Frequently asked questions - see if your question is answered here first. If it isn't, you can e-mail for support using the link on the FAQ page


Well, that's it! I've spent quite some time writing this up and I hope it is of use to someone. If you have found it useful, informative, interesting or have any other suggestions then please take a minute or two to Sign My Guestbook and leave a message there. Alternatively you can E-mail me and let me know what you think. Please E-mail any questions regarding construction to the link provided at the top of the FAQ page!

Do NOT E-mail me asking me to build you one - such requests will be ignored.

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