The Incredible Game Boy

We like Game Boy development.  We have made several Game Boy titles. Now we have moved on to the Game Boy Advance.  And we like Game Boy Advance even more. It is a great platform that we hope will be around for several years to come. Here are some of the games we have worked on over the last couple of years.

Step on the laughing gas and steer your way to victory in this wild cartoon race you can take on the go!  Choose from 8 characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Taz, Marvin the Martian, Lola Bunny, Wile E. Coyote and more.  Deploy hilarious ACME gags to slow your opponents!  Race through 10 awesome cartoon inspired tracks!

Turbocharged with larger, more colorful tracks, more realistic graphics and faster gameplay!  13 licensed sports cars and muscle cars. 48 tracks, including reverse tracks, larger than ever before. Race in 12 exotic real world locations. New dynamic collision animations including flipping over and smoking hoods. Single Race, Tournament, Cop Chase and Two Player Modes. Battery Backup.

The ONLY game to feature sport bikes, muscle bikes and cruisers. More than ten listed motorcycles- including Harley-Davidson. 24 challenging tracks in 12 exotic real world locations.  Tracks include oncoming vehicle traffic and ramps to perform killer jumps. Multiple game modes: Single Race, Championship Tournament, Head-To-Head two player via link cable and Cop Chase Mode- featuring authentic police bikes!  Battery Backup!

Hey, golf isn’t supposed to be this fun! Play Head-To-Head with a game link cable. Rapid Fire Mode-Blast through 18 leaving your computer opponents or linked up buddy in the dust.  Career Mode- Snag sick tricks and new skills as you leap from kid player to full powered adult. Find hidden areas on every hole, if your ball lands in the right spot!  Hawaii, Grand Canyon, and Mount Lava Locations.

No roads, no rules!. Drive the mighty Hummer, as well as 9 other licensed vehicles, all with upgrades. Navigate your way through 24 tracks in 8 exotic real world locations. Built in rumble feature. Collect cars and store your victory trophies in the Test Drive custom garage. Battery backup allows you to save everything without passwords!

Ever want to drive the Viper? Now you can, as well as 11 other licensed sports cars and muscle cars. Drive through 24 tracks in 12 exotic real world locations. Cop Chase mode with 4 different cop cars-each one with different strengths. Earn money in tournament races to purchase new cars. Collect cars and store your victory trophies in the Test Drive custom garage. With battery backup.

Become Tiger Woods with the best golf game to ever fit in a shirt pocket. Containing all the features you've come to expect, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2000 gives you complete control to master the toughest holes. Compete on a variety of premier TPC courses and immerse yourself in the life of a TOUR pro. Can you beat the best of the PGA TOUR?