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An excellent general comics site. 

A cool new site devoted to webcomics - worth checking out! 


Juniper Crescent appears on the Digital Webbing site

Juniper Crescent and The Sapphire Claw appear in the Nucomix anthology comic.

The fonts I use in my strips were downloaded from the Blambot site. 

There is a feature on my work and in particular Juniper Crescent in issue nine of


First strips | Previous strips | Archive list 


Why not take a look at my other strips, too:




14th June. Shop Closed.
I have closed my souvenir shop. I wasn't completely happy with the quality of some items and it's way too costly if you live outside of the US. 


1st June. Caitlin photos.
Take a trip over to my
photos page to see newly posted images of my grand-daughter, Caitlin. 


29th May. THANKS.
With the heady news that came through at the beginning of the week and the heavy weekend I had, I totally forgot my manners.
I'd like to offer a big THANK YOU to all those people who visited the UK Comic Festival in Bristol and voted for Juniper Crescent. I'd like to thank you all personally, but I don't know who you are. If you ever feel inclined, please drop me a line. 


26th May. Grandad now.
My eldest son, Shaun, and his girlfriend, Emma, have just become parents of a beautiful baby daughter.
I shall post pictures when I've had the chance to take some. 


26th May. Nearly an award.
This weekend saw the Bristol comic convention. Apparently Juniper Crescent was in the running for an online strip award. The final details are here:


1 Fred The Clown (Roger Langridge)
2 Oddcases
3 Nowhere Girl
4 Red Meat
5 Bash St Kids
6 Juniper Crescent
8 Astounding Space Thrills
9 Death Takes A Holiday
10 Miffy (Borderline)


5th May. Web Comics Awareness Day.
Today is Web Comics Awareness Day and this is the second year I have taken part in this event. You can see my strip
here. You can also visit the WCA home page here.


1st May. In the papers.
There was a nice piece on me and the promotion of Web Comics Awareness in my local paper today. I scanned the article in and you can read it


27th April. New Photos.
I have posted some new
photos taken around the garden today. 


18th April. Dane & Joe Gets Hosted
Dane & Joe, the new comic strip by Steve Ince, is being hosted by the top adventure gaming site, Just Adventure +.
From 18th April, a new strip will be appearing each Friday, and a full week before being posted on the Juniper Crescent web site.
Just Adventure + is the top gaming web site to cover the adventure genre and related gaming genres. With news, reviews and opinion that draws interest from the most hardened fan to industry professionals, Just Adventure + is a true quality site. Beating off competition from other interested parties enabled them to host the strip, Dane & Joe.


8th April. Webcomics Awareness.
The annual Webcomics Awareness event is nearly upon us. This will be the second time that I will have participated and I shall be creating a special Dane & Joe strip to mark the occasion. For those interested in taking part in the event, more details can be found


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