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Gandhi spirit photo from Starhawk: Hold the Vision


Wednesday, Sept 19, 2001 - Start Audio for audio FAQ, click here
-00:00Dennis Bernstein photo Dennis Bernstein: w Robert Knight, with the Knight News Report from New York City.. Robert: news update.. now w Sarah Flounders of the International Action Center.. Sarah is skeptical of the U.S. ability to pinpoint the problem.. Sarah: if the U.S. is looking to destroy the force responsible for the attack, photo of Sarah Flounders of the IAC the CIA is the force that created the entire situation in Afghanistan.. starting in 1988, the U.S. put billions and billions of dollars.. terrible suffering due to CIA.. snuffed out the possibility of a progressive government.. created the Taliban.. why the United States is hated throughout the region.. Osama Bin Laden last seen riding a horse into the sunset of Afghanistan
-06:20 Dennis Bernstein w Michel Chossudovsky (link2), Professor of Economics, University of Ottawa, and founder of the Centre for Research on Globalisation (Centre de Recherche sur la Mondialisation), author of 'Globalization of Poverty', and 'Who is Osama Bin Laden'.. Professor Chossudovsky: Osama Bin Laden recruited by the CIA.. in the context of the Soviet-Afghan war.. the CIA operating in the background.. Afhanistan photo, Tashqurkan areathe Pakistani ISI (intelligence agency).. the mujahadeen trained in U.S. camps in Pakistan.. what is the relationship of Osama Bin Laden to the CIA after the Soviets withdrew.. (there is) evidence that the relationship has not ended.. from the Black Sea to Central Asia.. Afghanistan provides 2/3 of U.S. heroin trade.. if the U.S. goes into Afghanistan.. the attack is a pretext.. a war of conquest.. to establish a U.S. sphere of influence in the region.. Afhanistan photo, Bamyan- Maidan Shar Area Afghanistan borders on four nuclear powers, Russia, China, India, Pakistan.. of course the U.S. has been keeping tabs on Osama Bin Laden.. the U.S. has infiltrated his organization.. the U.S. brought in the mujahadeen to fight in Bosnia.. the Islamic jihad is really working for Uncle Sam.. the CIA is harboring Osama Bin Laden, or it has in the past.. there should be debate on this.. if the pretext is fabricated.. that should be brought out before we enter into a war against Afghanistan.. (discussion)
-20:40 Dennis Bernstein: w Miriam and Jose who are protesting a racist cartoon photo of student protestors, click to view whole photo which appeared in the Daily Cal yesterday.. about the David Horowitz screed published by the Daily Cal during black history month.. Miriam: yesterday I decided to wear the head covering, wear my traditional dress.. I was given the finger.. people would honk.. Barbara Lubin hosted a protest at the Berkeley Bart yesterday evening.. harrassed even there.. someone pulled on her cloth.. Dennis: news of more hate crimes across the country.. photo of student protestors, click to view enlargement Jose: students occupied the sixth floor, the Daily Cal offices.. police officer came in at 3:30am said we would be arrested.. Jose: 18 of us stayed.. nobody was hurt.. about vigilantes.. these ads by the Daily Cal like a hate crime, we need to hold them accountable.. Dennis: clearly a racist cartoon.. I spoke to my mom in New York.. her bus driver was an hour late.. he was shaking.. trucks pulled up and people smashed his windows.. because of the media.. now here at the Daily Cal.. ACTION ALERT: Call the Daily Cal at 510-548-8300, ask them why they print this kind of filth.. a gathering of kindred spirits, tomorrow noon at Sproul Plaza
-33:00 Noelle Hanrahan w David Cole, Immigration attorney, author of Terrorism and the Constitution, and another man about hate crimes and deportation issues.. Attorney Cole: the increase in power wanted by John Ashcroft.. a tremendous chilling effect on immigrants.. to reinforce the anti-immigrant bias the government decries.. in Los Angeles 14 years ago the government tried to deport lawful Palestinians.. trial continues.. the Arab and Muslim communities targeted, because the perpetrators of 911 are suspected to have Arab or Muslim ties.
-46:20 Noelle Hanrahan: judge allows Pacifica reactionaries to pack the board.. now w Sherrie Gendleman, Toman Moran.. Sherrie: I don't want to say devestating, but severe.. I am sad Dick Gregory has chosen to associate with the board.. more court in January.. Tomas: a surreal meeting, we could only talk when the chair turned on our microphones.. not the way to proceed to a resolution of this crisis.. very disconcerting.. (lists the board members now).. 11 out of 16 members from Washington DC.. Utrice Leid now promoted to program director, potentially Amy Goodman's boss.. Democracy Now! (link2) (link3) only broadcast on KPFA.. at this critical time, broadcasting.. don't remain disheartened.. miracles have been happening for us.. Sherrie: we need your support, need your money.. see SavePacifica.org
-54:00 End today's audio.. today's review by john lionheart

Speak Out against War!
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Friday 9/21 9PM
40th Str. Oakland (details)

Democracy Now! c/o flashpoints.net cache
Wedn, Sept 19, 2001 - Start Audio for audio FAQ, click here
amy goodman photo -00:00 Amy: News
-08:10 David Rovex (sp?) musician, songs about now
-11:20 Amy Goodman: US House Rep Barbara Lee (her email).. cast the lone vote against use of force.. placed under guard because of death threats.. Barbara: what the Congress must say.. that our actions must not spiral out of control.. international terrorism must be rooted out.. the Congress should be the body to say let's not rush to judgement.. insure that our democracy works, that checks and balances work.. Amy: what has been the response to your vote? Barbara: people are angry, trying to get through this.. the majority of responses.. do not want war.. so that no more people lose their lives.. Barbara Lee photo we have to look at how we secure our nation.. make sure our civil liberties are not eroded.. that the victims receive assistance.. talk to your congresspeople.. people have a right to a voice.. it's up to people.. Amy: street protests? Barbara: inherent in our democracy is the right to protest.. that's what makes democracy work.. stand in unison.. we're American.. (discussion)
-24:30 governing board of Pacifica Foundation meets today to nominate members, meeting webcast, instructions posted at Pacifica website, protest planned
-26:20 Amy: more news.. Now w Rahim Ussefsah (sp?), former BBC correspondent, and editor of the English language Pakistani paper, The News.. Mr. Ussefsah is the last reporter to interview Osama Bin Laden, and the only reporter to interview Omar the head of the Talian.. [also see Dennis Bernstein FLASHPOINTS interview w Mr. Ussefah 9/15].. Mr. Ussefsah: Omar is a simple man.. a good marksman.. fighting the Russians.. his right eye wounded, now closed.. (how the interview happened) long discussion.. I hear that Osama Bin Laden has no money now..
-40:10 music break, and KPFA announcements
-41:45 Amy: update on the rescue efforts.. now w Mr Ussefsah, editor of The News in Pakistan, last person to interview Osama Bin Laden.. Mr. Ussefsah: how Osama Bin Laden's system operates.. how jihad happens.. (discussion).. Bin Laden guarded by 20 men.. living in the desert.. hunted men, cannot stay two nights in the same place.. how can he have done all this?.. these are the kind of questions come to mind.. does he have the resources? does he have the expertise? there are so many stories about Osama Bin Laden.. we don't know.. he has not given an interview in 2 and 1/2 years.. everybody blames in when something happens in India, in Albania.. even Gorbechev once said Bin Laden tried to kill him.. an easy scapegoat, he can not even give an interview.. we need a proper investigation.. Taliban meeting today, tomorrow.. deciding if the Taliban will declare jihad on the United States.. a mad rush of refugees.. Pakistan has closed its border with Afghanistan.. a human misery.. if it is made public that Pakistan has made its airbases to the U.S., there will be unrest in Pakistan..
-56:40 Dennis: about your interview w Osama Bin Laden Mr. Ussefsah: Bin Laden: since the U.S. and Israel are using force.. (reasoning that makes the use of force ok)
-59:00 end this audio file

-00:00 start second hour's audio file..
-xx:xx Amy: news update
-xx:xx media beating the drum for war
-xx:xx street protests, on hold?

-xx:xx End today's audio.. today's review by john lionheart

Tuesday, Sept 18, 2001 - Start Audio for audio FAQ, click here
-00:00Dennis Bernstein photo Dennis Bernstein: Flashpoints disassociates from the Pacifica Network News headlines presented on KPFA at the beginning of this show (usually not repeated on this website).. now w Robert Knight with the Knight News Report in New York.. secret federal grand jury to consider.. Ashcroft wants wire tap authority expanded.. internet investigations broadened.. 'the old days of the MaCarthy era..' a week before the WTC/Pentagon attacks, the FBI raided and closed 500 Islamic, Arab, and other MidEast websites.. ????
-05:00 Bush talks.. "wanted, dead or alive"..
-05:30 music break..
-06:50 Dennis: Bush said we're in a "crusade".. tomorrow the murky world of Pakistani intelligence.. looking at the impact of the tough talking Bush.. the Council on Islamic Relations reports 210 attacks in the U.S. since last Tuesday.. about a Sikh killed in Arizona, a Pakistani shopkeeper killed in Dallas
-09:30 now w Pakistani victim's brother-in-law, Mr Sahid Ghani:(sp?) this is what happened.. he wore jeans, didn't have a beard.. $2000 in the register, open.. not a robbery at all.. being investigated as a hate crime by the FBI.. it was a hate crime.. this should end.. brother-in-law had a wife and four daughers.. Mr Ghani: in my opinion, the responsibility lies with the mass media.. for writing "muslim" with the description.. the media is responsible.. if the media had just written 'Osama Bin Laden', not attaching "muslim" to the name.. after Oklahoma did they describe Timothy McVeigh as a "Christian Fundamentalist"? no.
-19:20 Dennis: reads from a press release from a New Jersey politician, in support of Mr. Ghani.. also a third man, a Coptic Christian who had immigrated from Egypt, killed because he was thought to be a Muslim
-20:40 Dennis w Robin Clark, who was stabbed in San Francisco by racists.. Robin from his hospital bed, Robin: one said to me, you are a f**king Arab asshole, you are a n****r loving so and so.. another stabbed me from behind.. like they wanted to hurt someone that night.. we were just the unlucky ones.. i was operated on for three hours.. my stomach, intestines were punctured.. Dennis: how were they dressed? Robin: very nicely.. nice trousers.. I never expected this.. no one in the group (5-6 young men and 4-5 young women) tried to stop them or said anything.. three people hit me.. they were all white, in their early 20's..
-26:30 Dennis: we're doing a 3 hour special Saturday Morning, on KPFA..
-27:25 Barbara Lubin photo Dennis: now we're going live to a march and demonstration in downtown Berkeley.. Barbara Lubin: of the Middle East Childrens Alliance (speaking)
-33:00 Noelle Hanrahan interview w Jeff Cohen of FAIR and Norman Solomon of FAIR and Media Beat.. Cohen:..the lunacy of some of these statements not being pointed out.. e.g. Ann Colter, a columnist in Mort Zuckerman's New York Daily News: 'We should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity.' Solomon: they're not allowing any debate.. what the punditry advocates, in the last few days.. in many ways, the mirror image of the terrorists.. if there was any debate.. if the U.S. listens to these Krauthammers, and Bill O'Reillys, our children will have many new Bin Ladens and terrorist networks to deal with in 10-20 years.. like a snake with its tail in its mouth.. the government's pronouncements regurgitated as wisdom by the media.. CNN: the war will be fought with 'unprecedented secrecy'.. Solomon: that statement is ominous.. when the Gulf War ended, 15 key newspaper editors wrote: 'Pentagon wielded almost total control over the media information'.. how could they be *more* restrictive.. Cohen: the level of macho, testosterone flowing around the networks.. recent history not discussed in any meaningful way.. the last time the U.S. responded to terrorism, in the Sudan.. Clinton bombed Sudan's only vaccine factory.. in a matter of weeks, it because obvious that the factory had nothing to do with Osama Bin Laden, or with weapons.. killed 1000's of people.. I wrote a column, nobody would run it.. the $40 million dollars George Bush just handed to the Taliban.. the CIA connection to Osama Bin Laden.. 90% of the American people don't have access to this information.. it is appalling how little information being transmitted to the people.. Solomon: Dan Rather on David Letterman, utterly clueless.. more soldier than journalist.. Rather: 'George Bush is the president, wherever he wants me to line up, just tell me where.' Solomon: an Astounding Statement for an aledgedly independent journalist to make.. Cohen: the logical results of all the plans being sketched out.. instead as serving as stenographers for the powerful.. an epidemic of fear in the newsrooms of America.. P.R. flackery for the warmakers..
-47:40 music break
-48:20 Noelle Hanrahan w Andrea Buffer, executive director of Media Alliance: what you can do.. when you see/hear inaccuracy in the Media.. the TV coverage has been the worst.. call the people who book the guests.. tell them we want real discussion of the issues..

  • NBC 202-885-4259
  • ABC 212-456-4040
  • CBS 212-975-3691
Andrea: they need new voices.. suggest Howard Zinn, Robert Fisk.. ask them when they have had an Afghani voice on.. 25th Media-Alliance birthday, convergence center 934 Brannon SF Sat 5-10pm
-55:39 End today's audio.. today's review by john lionheart

Democracy Now! .. Ground Zero Radio
Tues, Sept 18, 2001 - Start Audio for audio FAQ, click here
amy goodman photo -00:00 Amy Goodman: News
-09:40 Amy Goodman: about John Negroponte's pending Senate nomination as ambassador to the United Nations..
-17:30 technical problem in New York
-21:00 broadcast rejoined.. still w Larry Birns: about the recent US announcement that the CIA will hire human rights abusers w Larry Birns of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs: John Negroponte.. an absolutely disreputable person.. in the case of Honduras.. similar to Laos and Cambodia.. he came in, in no time.. expanded the embassy 10 times.. founded battalion 316.. responsible for killing over 160 Hondurans in death squad activities..
-22:00 music break (technical problems continue)
-24:20 Reverend BIlly Amy w Reverend Billy of the Church of Radical Forgivness, who offers a prayer.. Jerry Falwell harmonizing with Osama Bin Laden.. let's get those 'I Love You's back.. and GIVE PEACE A CHANCE
-27:30 Amy: about Balbir Singh Sodhi, the Indian Sikh killed in Mesa, Arizona because he was wearing a turban.. tape of interview w the man's cousin, Adam Singh, by Dennis Bernstein of Flashpoints Radio..
-35:00 Amy reports on more attacks on Arab Americans and 'foreign looking' persons in the U.S.
-36:00 Amy: about the peace vigil in New York Sunday w Afghani woman: the day after the WTC attacks, an Amtrak train stopped in Providence.. a Sikh (Indian) taken off the train because he was wearing a turban.. the media not doing its job of educating the public.. people who are attacking Sikhs and others are exhibiting the same fear and hatred that brought down the WTC.. now w woman of 'Organization For Southasian Women' link to Sahki for South Asian Women
-41:20 Amy: attacks on people of color in the U.S... w Afghani refugee Fahima Danishar(sp?): the Afghan people are not represented by the Afghan government.. 'Taliban' means 'religious student'.. my people will suffer the consequences of Osama Bin Laden.. about the refugees trying to get out.. but Pakistan and Iran have closed the borders.. widows and children.. Afghan educational website closed because of hate mail.. now w Hervey Shah of Sakhi For South Asian Women (Sakhi means 'woman friend'): only 1 out of 22 of my students knew where Afghanistan was.. important that the Americans understand the history of Afghanistan, of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan.. the Taliban has hijacked the government of Afghanistan.. Amy: the U.S. gave $40 million dollars to Afghanistan a couple months ago, plus the history of CIA involvement..
-49:00 Hervey Shah sings a prayer.. we grieve for the people who died.. our members are afraid to come out in our tradition dress.. we have family in the countries that might be bombed.. photo of Gandhi statue in Union Square NYwe pray for peace.. about the situation in New York City.. at Union Square I looked for the statue of Gandhi (link2)(link3).. it is now gone.. a shock ran through my body
-55:00 about Barbara Lee.. Father Michael Judge, who died in the attack, would have asked us to forgive the people who did this.. resorting to war would not do anything good.. Amy: are you afraid to walk on the streets of America, of New York.. Fahima: I am afraid of racial profiling.. other woman: when you think Taliban, think Nazis, when you think Osama Bin Laden, think Hitler, when you think citizens of Afghanistan, think jews in concentration camps..
-59:00 end first audio tape
-00:00 start second audio tape.. Amy: the Bush march to war inflames India, and how the Congress wrote Bush a blank check.. News..
-07:50 music break.. Edwin Starr: Stop the war. why can't we take our cue from the rescue workers?.. caring care of people.. thoughts not of retaliation, but thoughts of human compassion.. we do not want to become the evil we condemn.. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!
-09:40 Amy: how other countries will be affected by U.S. response.. Pakistan shuts its border.. more news..
-12:20 Amy talks w Pakistani physicist, peace activist, Princeton Dr Zia MianProjessor Dr. Zia Mian.. widespread poverty.. discussion of geopolitics of the region
-19:50 music break
-21:00 Amy back w Pravine Swami in New Dehli, Projessor Dr. Zia Mian, and Indian Rhuda Dass in NY studio.. discussion of India -Pakistan relations, nuclear capability.. if Pakistan becomes unstable, what happens to their nuclear weapons?.. an incitement to mutiny in Pakistan.. (long discussion)
-45:00 Amy w Daniel Fisk and Professor Francis Boyle of Illinois University School of Law: (flashpoints interview).. about the resolutions passed by Congressa to give President Bush a blank check.. Prof Boyle: no U.N. resolution passed.. any military action would be illegal.. his father *got* a security council authorization.. very narrowly tailored.. (discussion)
-59:00 end second audio tape (118:00 total archived audio) End today's audio.. today's review by john lionheart
Monday, Sept 17, 2001 - Start Audio for audio FAQ, click here
-00:00Dennis Bernstein photo Dennis Bernstein about the racist attacks against Arabs and other 'foreign' appearing folk in the U.S. (joined in progress) Barbara Lee photo
-05:20 Start Audio: Dennis Bernstein w US House Rep Barbara Lee (her email).. Barbara was the lone congressperson to vote against war.. Barbara: I was in the Capitol that morning, meeting with.. about assistance for small business.. in the dining room of the Capitol.. someone screamed.. we turned on the TV.. we could not believe it.. all our phones were dead.. (discussion).. (about her vote).. people are very angry right now.. I had to look into my conscience, deal with my intellect.. secure the future for our children.. very very scarey, (this legislation).. the use of restraint makes sense.. we had a five hour debate on this.. going to war, a five hour debate.. it does democracy a disservice.. we can not respond in a conventional way.. as a responsible member of Congress. I have received thousands and thousands of calls and emails.. thank you very much.. a critical junction in our history.. thank you for your trust.. a very serious historical moment, how we respond will determine the future of our planet.. Dennis: thank you.. Gandhi: an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind..
-17:00 more on hate crimes.. a couple walking in San Francisco attacked by 5-6 well dressed young men.. now w Fernandez, one of the people attacked.. Fernandez: someone called us: an Arab and a white n****r lover.. a whole bunch of other stuff.. someone hit from behind, stabbed friend.. all cowards.. they were all white.. it's madness.. they tried to get away in their SUV
-22:50 music break
-24:10 Noelle Hanrahan: 1000s of new refugees are flooding out of Afghanistan, with Fahima, editor of Afghan Magazine.. Fahima: why i left Afghanistan.. As an Afghan, we have relatives there.. bombing Afghanistan, that would be a horrible thing to do.. suffered a lot the last 20 years, the Soviets, the civil war.. bombing would be another tragedy.. more innocent people would be killed.. the innocent and poor that have suffered under the Taliban, would suffer even more.. probably bring more uprising, more hatred.. the people of Afghanistan have had nothing to do with this.. the Taliban have taken the people hostage.. the people are scared.. they are terrified.. more misery for the people.. that doesn't help.. Noelle: living near Washington DC, do these attacks remind you of Afghanistan.. Fahima: yes.. (about the mass exodus of the last few years).. the forces behind the mujahadeen was the U.S., the Saudis.. when the mujahadeen defeated the Soviet Empire.. ended the cold war.. then the U.S. turned their back against us.. the help the U.S. gave Afghanistan was not because of us, but because of them (the U.S.).. they left us with these uneducated people (the Taliban), with all the weapons.. they did not do anything..
-34:40 Noelle Hanrahan now w another Afghan expert, Assad: (discussion of recent history)
-37:30 Noelle w Fahima: about the effect the Taliban has had on women.. Fahima: all kind of torture used on women in Afghanistan.. the situation for women the worst in the world.. no human rights at all.. only one hospital in Kabul that would accept women patients, that was staffed by aid workers, who now have fled.. no medical care for women victims of violence.. if we bomb Afghanistan, and women or children are hurt, no medical care for them.. Assad: Afghans are not particularly Islamic.. the Taliban goes against the culture of Afghanistan.. Kabul has taken the brunt of it.. Fahima: Taliban is not real Islam, is fanatic.. the people of Afghanistan are hostage, can do nothing.. nobody else did anything.. the CIA (who created them) did nothing.. they create these monsters, then leave them to hurt the people of the country
-48:00 End today's audio.. today's review by john lionheart
Mon, Sept 17, 2001 - Start Audio for audio FAQ, click here
Democracy Now! .. Ground Zero Radio
00:00 News
10:00 About Afghanistan, Taliban, and Osama Bin Laden w Tomas Guetier(sp?) of Univ Nebraska, a member of the U.N. mission to Afghanistan.. he spent 10 years in Aghanistan
25:00 music break
26:00 Amy about the scene now in NY
28:40 sounds of last night's vigil/ march in NYC, includes interview w Christian Arab from Beit Jalla in the occupied West Bank.. w a Rabbi: 'a popular movement beginning to say, this is not the way..' a group singing "Peace.. Shalom"..
about the mass media .. terrorism wants to split us apart.. the media is feeding into this.. not to bring more injustice into the world.. we do not want to become the evil that we condemn..
Tom Tommorrow: i trying to have a dialogue, not just to preach to the chior.. i have gotten hate mail.. i'm worried, very worried.. any decent thinking person knows these people who did this, need to brought to justice.. we need to listen to each other.. TO TALK IT OUT OPENLY, OR THEN THESE GUYS WON.. his cartoons at solan.com.. Amy: this just from the BBC: An Afghani taxi driver left paralyzed in London, after a racist attack
-43:30 music break
45:00 Amy Updates.. European officials begin to distance themselves from U.S. 47:50 Amy w Imogene Lann (sp?), a reporter from RFI Radio France International.. Imogene: France expressing its support for the American people, but pointing out that American foreign policy partially responsible.. about the sad state of Afghanistan already, under the brutal rule of the Taliban dictators.. the people have very little left, because of war, of drought, of famine.. no rain in three years.. no eggs, no dairy, no flour.. in Kabul, a little better.. handouts from international organizations.. families living on donated bread and sugar.. Imogene: about the extremely difficult life for women in Afghanistan.. especially with the Taliban in charge... (discussion).. any women who are injured in any attack, only one hospital that will treat women.. Amy: about the U.S. giving $40 million to the Taliban.. Imogene: there's a lot of that in the newspapers, everyone is talking about it.. Imogene was in Afghanistan this April..
59:00 end first hour of show
catch Democracy now on the web at: webactive.com, wbix.org, flashpoints.net (occasional)
-59:00 End this 1st audio tape.. today's review by john lionheart

00:00 second hour, Amy, news update.. Start Audio this 7 min segment
end this segment

00:00 Start Audio this 31 min segment Robert Fisk from Beirut: about his last interview of Osama Bin Laden.. in 1998, it took hours to get up this road.. Toyota jeep screeching around corners.. Driver said: Toyota good for jihad.. then the meeting with Osama Bin Laden
38:00 music break, Neville brothers, May the Circle Be Unbroken.
39:18 end this audio file

00:00 start next audio file
05:30 George Bush
06:45 Amy, news update
07:30 Amy w Michael Ratner of the Center for Constitutional Rights
16:00 Amy invites you to the broadcast location
- End this 2nd audio tape.. total archived show: -118:00 today's review by john lionheart

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The International Fellowship of Reconciliation spiritually-based movement committed to active nonviolence
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