The last great untold story of the 1960s is the story of the MC5.

One of the most electrifying acts to ever storm a Rock'n'Roll stage, the MC5's Detroit performances in the late 60s are legend. Their debut album, Kick Out the Jams, set a high-energy sonic standard rarely matched in the thirty years since its release. The MC5's uncompromising stance and radical affiliations placed them, briefly, at the musical forefront of a generation bent on political and cultural change. In the midst of the most turbulent years in our nation's history, the MC5 embraced the promise and embodied the possibilities of a real American Revolution.

For their efforts the MC5 were rewarded with critical indifference, broken contracts, police hassles and the censorship and suppression of their music. The MC5 became, in their own words, "perfect targets for the double-cross." Relegated to some dark and forgotten corner of rock history, they have become little more than a curiosity, a footnote, victims of the American Ruse.

Fred Sonic Smith But their legend has lived on, and while the influence of the MC5 continues to resurface in Punk, in Heavy Metal, in Grunge, entire generations know little of their actual story. ...Right Now, ...it's time to Get Down With It, ...it's time to Testify, ...it's time to tell the true story of one of the most unique and influential American Rock'n'Roll bands: ...the MC5, their place in rock history, and their place in American History.

Rob Tyner Through rare film and television footage, still photographs and interviews, the whole story of the MC5 will come to life again. This is a story of stars and bars and dragstrips and riots; Panthers and pot-busts; Art and Revolution and the FBI; this is the real story of five genuine American heroes. This is the story of a revolution fueled by twin guitars and decked out in sequined suits; this is a story of the fire and of the smoke behind the American Dream.

The story of the MC5 is a story whose time has come.


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