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using email filters

Outlook Express can automatically organise incoming mail so that email for different people goes straight into their individual folders - you can even set it up to automatically delete Spam (especially if it always seems to come from the same email address). This is known as 'filtering'.

'Filtering' is achieved by assigning 'Message Rules' to incoming mail, so when mail comes in that is of a specific type, it will be dealt with as you have instructed. To open this useful tool, select 'Message Rules' from the 'Tools' pull-down menu and click on 'Mail'.

This is where you assign rules to incoming email. Click 'New' to create a new rule.

In this example, we're going to tell Outlook Express that when an email arrives that is addressed to, that it should go straight to 'Sharon's Inbox'.

Tick the box marked 'Where the To line contains people' and 'Move it to the specified folder'. The Rule Descriptions will appear in blue in the lower window; you will need to click on the blue text to give the program its specific instructions. Firstly, we need to tell it how it will recognise the email, so click once on 'contains people'.



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