CANP’s Corporate Sponsors

The companies and organizations listed below are participants in the CANP's Corporate Sponsorship Program. Please take a moment to meet the companies who feel so strongly about the importance of the CANP's effort to gain recognition for the naturopathic profession in California.

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CANP Corporate Partners

  • American Specialty Health
  • Metagenics
  • Bezwecken

CANP Corporate Sponsors

  • Capsugel
  • WGF - Women's Group Formulas
  • Thorne Research

CANP Corporate Donors

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Integrative Therapeutics, Inc.

About the Company: Integrative Therapeutics, Inc., (ITI) is a partnership of four highly respected nutritional supplement companies that include PhytoPharmica of Green Bay, WI, and NF Formulas, Tyler Encapsulations and Vitaline Formulas of Wilsonville, OR. Combined, these companies offer the health care practitioners over 1,200 product choices that include many of today's most popular and beneficial formulas.

PhytoPharmica has introduced a number of pivotal advancements in the natural health industry, including herbal standardization, as well as many of today's most popular and beneficial compounds, such as glucosamine sulfate, ginkgo biloba, and saw palmetto berry extract.

Tyler's products and philosophy center on working closely with health care professionals to naturally support the body with supplements backed by scientific research. They continually commit resources to help educate practitioners on the changing face of alternative medicine. Some of their most popular products include Eskimo-3®, Recancostat®, and Similase®.

Many of Vitaline's supplements are used by prestigious national organizations like the Veterans Administration and National Institutes of Health. Its CoQ10 has been the subject of more than 20 clinical studies that verify its efficacy, not only on heart health but also for neurological support.

Founded in 1978 by physicians, NF Formulas' strength lies in developing specialized botanical products that give health care practitioners options when prescribing a dietary supplement regimen. This benchmark is seen in its botanical laboratory, which produces more than 150 liquid extracts, as well as oils, creams, glycerin extracts, and botanical combinations.

ITI supports a vigorous program of product research and continuing education programs for health-care professionals. Our vision is to advance the standard of scientifically-based nutrition, while preserving the unique culture of each company. We are committed to uncompromising quality, innovative products and the corporate support of health-care practitioners and their organizations.

For more info about this company:

Integrative Therapeutics, Inc.
9725 SW Commerce Circle, Suite A6
Wilsonville, OR 97070
Phone: 800 547-4891
Fax: 503 582-0467

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Spectrum Essentials

About the Company: Spectrum Essentials is the leading manufacturer and marketer of essential fatty acid products in the United States. Spectrum's patented SpectraVac processing means delicate omega-3 and omega-6 rich oils are protected from the destructive effects of heat, light and oxygen from seed to shelf. This special processing also produces a smooth flavor that lasts through the last drop in the bottle. It is Spectrum's commitment to the highest quality and nutritional value that has made the Spectrum Essentials brand the best selling flax oil in the country. Spectrum Essentials is committed to educating professionals and consumers about the benefits of essential fatty acid supplementation. Visit our web site at for more information or call us at 888-343-6637. Spectrum Essentials is a division of Spectrum Naturals, Inc.

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The following companies and organizations have also given generously to the CANP in the recent past:

  • Wise Woman Herbals
  • Tyler Encapsulations
  • NF Formulas
  • Pure Encapsulations
  • Eagle Dispensary, Inc.
  • NuMed Research, Inc
  • Vital Nutrient
  • BrainyBrawn
  • Seroyal
  • Women's International Pharmacy
  • Standard Process Inc.
  • Rainbow Grocery
  • New Hope Media

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