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A Chapter Contribution from Bill Spence, NTM for
French Science Writer Daniel Ichbiah and Pascal Rosier's Next Book: Interviews About the 21st Century

OK, more fun with UFog...

I think love relationships could only be enhanced, if the body is re-engineered to be the optimum age and vigor of a person's choice. Also, not having death hanging over one's head should free the spirit in ways I don't think we can fully understand at this time.

We will have dramatic possibilities previously available only in the realm of fantasy. I shall discus only what will be possible the first ten or fifteen years after the assembler breakthrough. Beyond that time frame it will be possible to do direct mind interfacing with the same microscopic medical nanites that could repair the body. Although mainly in unknown territory, the possibilities are overwhelming and beyond the scope of this musing.

Medical nanite (more on this later) could patrol the body, armed with a complete knowledge of a person's DNA, and dispatch any foreign invaders. Such cell sentinels wound form an artificial immune system and immunity to not only the common cold, but also AIDS and any future viral or bacterial mutations. Imagine the freedom of mind.

These nanites could do what the plastic surgeon does, only better. No pain, no bruising and results over night. People shall be able to sculpt their own bodies. People who feel they were born the wrong sex, can now really make the change, taking on the full reproductive attributes of an opposite sex. Men could bear children.

With so much time and freedom on our hands, sex and new social interactions will become more commonplace, especially in light of new "tools" nanotechnology will deliver, in the form of virtual presence on an enhanced super internet. For instance, if your lover is away, instead of a phone call, their presence can be teleported with such fidelity as to be difficult to discern from life. The same goes for all of ones lovers, and we will have more lovers than the historical norm.

Here is how this teleported presence works. Utility Fog was not named utility for nothing. In a normal room Utility Fog fills the air, taking up only 3% of the space, and is virtually invisible. Trillions of "foglets" all with powerful nanocomputers and telescoping arms can be programed to simulate any texture or feel, from a gentle breeze to liquid water to solid rock, by varying their response to presser and their distance from each other. By pulling their arm together, they can simulate a solid object of any shape. In the invisible expanded mode, they can sense and map body motion with great fidelity and without a body feeling their presence. They can also "hear" with 3D fidelity and can "smell" scents and molecules of all varieties in the air.

If you and your distant lover is surrounded by utility fog and connected to the super internet, things can really get interesting. The Fog in your room can be programed to congeal into the body of your distant lover, eyes blinking, every subtle motion reproduced. You are simulated in the same way at the distant point. Your lover is simulate so well, the feel of individual hairs is identical to life. Color is identical using the same light interference pattern technique that colors a butterfly wing. Speech motion and sound are instantaneous, thanks to fiber optics and the speed of light. The smell of your lover is reproduced in microscopic chemistry factories embedded in the Utility Fog. In fact, all body fluids are reproduced with great fidelity. It's time for sex between lovers separated by perhaps thousands of miles. Sex with a live telepresence and with all the spontaneity and sensations of live sex.

With the vast information storage of nanocomputers, this love making can be recorded with great fidelity, and "played back" at a later time with your own Utility Fog simulating both of you in the throes of passion. Powerful computers and software can compare other love making sessions, and simulate the mental and physical responses of your lover, and one can have sex with out ones lover participating or knowledge. One could simulate twenty lovers at a time in this way, all at once. There will be banks of love-sex sims. People will donate their own body and sex act profiles in exchange for access to these banks. A love sim program can be modified, with different body shapes, acts, sounds and aromas. Design your own lover.

All this is not to say live sex will become less frequent. The contrary is true, particularly in light of our new freedom from disease and all those interesting people in those hard young bodies, each physically sculptured to the taste of their owners. A world of superhunks and supermodels exhuming pheromones, made possible with nanotechnology.

Our selfish genes have programed us to lust after as many beautiful bodies as we lay eyes on, yet jealously guard our mate from the same behavior. How many relationships with that special person have been ruined by sexual boredom of two partners attempting to be faithful, when a few delicious bouts with other lovers would make one's relationship fresh again? Perhaps nanotechnology will allow us to shed the negative component of this ancient DNA induced behavior and enhance our long term relation ship with that special person.

For a more detailed account of Utility Fog, pick up a copy of a book edited by BC Crandall titled, Nanotechnology: Molecular Speculations on Global Abundance and read Dr. Hall's chapter. "The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of". Hall writes of a future Utility Fog filled zoo, where no cages exist between you, predator and prey! The animals roam and mingle with the zoological patrons, each kept safe from each other by an invisible hand. You will also find concepts in this book by other nanotechnologists that are sure to please.



9) If you had the possibility of enforcing a solution to a world problem, whatever it is (not necessarily in your field), what would it be ?

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