Carl Cacho: Spark
By Matthew S. Robinson, Globe Correspondent, 04/12/2002

For years, Carl Cacho has been one of the most supportive members of the competitive singer/songwriter scene, writing stellar songs and offering solid vocal and instrumental backing for friends such as Kevin So, Ellis Paul, and a bevy of talented frontmen and women. Now Cacho is relying on a little help from his folk-pop friends. The result is a bright collection of lovingly crafted songs filled with heart, soul, and other gifts of friendship. From Jimmy LaFave's desert-dry rasps on "Bordertown" to Paul's gauzy cords on the timeless tribute to Bill Monroe "Save Me a Seat," Cacho makes the most of his connections and his strong storytelling skills. He pays tribute to friends come and gone in "November, 2000" and "Looking for Your Heart." And in the jangly lessons of "Home Is Where They Have to Let You In," he muses on his own trajectory. "When it finally comes my time to die," he sings, "just forgive my IOUs and sing for me my unplayed blues." How much better that Cacho is able to call in his favors while he's still here. Cacho is at Club Passim on April 18.

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