by Klaus

Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 17:38:14 +0100 (MET)

Hello Shirou
it took a while,
but it is a starting point for the lyrics of this album.

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Lou Reed Live - Take No Prisoners 1

Sound Effects: Match taken out of box and being lit

Lou: Hallo, sorry we're late, but we were just tuning

Bottom Line, audience: Lou Reed best

<feedback, piano>

Lou: What's the matter, you've been waiting or something. We're late. It's raining ah.

We mean it's raining. We know it's fucking raining. ...microphone is just... Look at that.

I bet even grown inch men ah need a boyfriend.

Fan1: Need a what? Need a what?

Lou: A boyfriend, can't you fucking hear what's wrong with you?

Fan1: Need a what?

Fans: Come on now, Sweet Jane

Fan1: I heard that

Lou: I'm gonna quote a line like like from Yeats I think it is for you and that's called

the best like all convictions, while the best ... of film, no no it's the other way round.

The best like all convictions hahaha and the worst of films and passions .... and now you

figure out who I am

Fans: Do it

One two, one two three four

"Sweet Jane"

Standing on the corner

Yeh suitcase in my hand

Jack is in his corset, Jane is in her vest

I hear you knockin but you can't commit me hey

Honey I'm in a rock 'n' roll band

Ridin' a Stutz Bearcat

Those were different times

Oh, all the poets, they studied rules of verse

And all those ladies, they rolled their eyes

And say Sweet Jane

Sweet Jane

Sweet Jane

Now Jack, he is a banker

And Jane, she's just a little bitty clerk

And both of them

hey you little people out there. So all you little people. Don't you hate it those Academy Awards man. So it's fucking Barbra Streisand she's a...

those little people there's too many little people. I can't get their names right. Fuck all the little people. I don't like big people. Fuck short people and tall people. I like middle people. People from Wyoming. Somebody from Wyoming?


Now Jack he is a banker

And Jane she's a clerk

Hey clerk, give me good clerk, I give good clerk aha

And both of them man they save their pennies and their fucking nickels and their dimes and bills up they got a nest egg. Here comes the condominium. Oh shit, ey Miami.

They're sittin' there by the fire man

So let your fire you plug it in. I like makebelieve. I like makebelieve love, too umaha. Give me some makebelieve love. Makebelieve love that's an album title Michael. Write that down quick, before fuck but I forget it.

Listen to some classical music hey you better watch me now

There's only one time one time only to go

Hey the March of the Wooden Soldiers

You ever put a quarter in those machines man. You know like the bear that plays basketball. You put a quarter in. Aha. I guess he put a quarter in. Some people say I'm residue

March of the Wooden Soldiers huh.

What you want to listen when they called you for Vietnam. Hey man for Vietnam, you political Lou. "Are you" Political about what. Hehe give me an issue and I'll give you a tissue and wipe my ass with it. Ah yeah. We're just here to make

out you bend over and we put the head in we don't like them. Talk about. Face North Jack. We're being broadcast tonight. Fuck Radio, I'm Radio Brooklyn. I ain't no star man. "Lou Reed" Haha They say

Sweet Jane

Sweet Jane

Sweet Jane

You know there's some people man they like to go out dancing

What about her... if you write as good as you talk nobody reads you. What do I look like... ... You know I find my wife in the living room ... how did you get there... in the kitchen, ain't that funny hahaha

And there's even some evil motherfuckers oh oh oh

They tell you life's sh. made out of dirt and man that ah ah

And those pretty women man never really faint

Those villains shut up you always blink their eyes, ooohhh

And that little bitty children are the ones who blush

And that life life life is just to die

And I tell you some ey man

Everyone who's got a heart a rock n' roll heart

Wouldn't turn around and break it

And you know do it again Michael. Was that control? Watch this now.

And everyone who's played a part

Wouldn't turn around and hate it

They say

Sweet Jane

Sweet Jane

Sweet Jane

"I Wanna Be Black"

Yeah yeah, I wanna be black,

Let's see

Stormy Monday

Man we're just too overcome

Suck my dick

I wanna be black, let's see

Hey man, hey man

I wanna be black

I wanna be like Martin Luther King

And get myself shot in spring

And lead a whole generation, too

and fuck up the jews and fuck up the jews

Hey you talking about my people

If I got a people, hey Lou you got a people, oh I got a people, maybe...

white boy, so what's wrong with you dirty jokes man fuck you I never said I was tasteful. I'm not tasteful. So, what, no I wanna be black let's see. I'm gonna look up ... name. No, too white. Hey I check the girls hard to find a nigger these days. James Brown. I'm ... He's French

I wanna be black, man

I wanna be like Malcolm X

And pass the hex

over President Kennedy's tomb yeah yeah

And have a big prick, too

Hey, I don't wanna be a fucked up middle class Jewish middle class college student no more

Yeah, I just wanna have a stable of foxy little whores yeah

Yeah, yeah, I wanna be black

Go fuck with me Michael


"Satellite Of Love"

Yeh the satellite's gone

Way up to the skies

Oh things like that don't you know don't you know drive me

Out of my mind, babe

Don't you know I watched it for a little while

Oh babe

Satellite of love

Satellite of love

Satellite of love

Satellite of love

Satellite's gone

Way up to Mars

Oh soon it will be filled

With parking cars

Yeh I watched it for a little while

I love to watch things on TV baby

Satellite of love

Satellite of love

You satellite of love

Satellite of love

Well I've been told that you've been bold

With Harry, Mark and John

Monday, Tuesday, I can't believe it, Wednesday to Thursday trash like that

With Harry, Mark and John

But I just wanna thank you baby

I wanna just thank you for for all those good times like good times that I had

The satellite's gone

The satellite's gone

Up to the skies

Don't you know that things like that drive me

Out of my mind

I like to watch things on TV

Watch it on TV

Satellite of love

Satellite of love

Yeh you satellite of love

"Pale Blue Eyes"

Sometimes I feel so happy

Sometimes I feel so sad

Sometimes I feel so happy babe

Baby, you just make me mad

Baby, you just make me mad

Why you linger on your pale blue eyes

Yeah linger baby on your pale blue eyes

I thought of you as my mountain top

And don't you know babe I even thought of you as my peak

Oh thought of you as everything

That I've had and just couldn't keep

Baby don't you know I've had, but just couldn't keep

So why don't you linger on your pale blue eyes

And baby linger on yeah baby baby your pale blue eyes

If I could make the world as pure

And strange and baby as what I see

I'd put you in a mirror

That I put that I put right in front of me

Ah don't you know I'd put right here standing right there in front of me

Ah baby don't you linger on your pale blue eyes

Linger linger lingeron your pale blue eyes

Skip a life completely

Why don't you shut it in a cup

She said to me, Hey Lou man you know that you're just like money in time

The way it lies the way you lie, but can't get up, can't stand up

Down for you is up

Why don't you linger on baby baby your pale blue eyes

Baby baby baby linger on your pale blue eyes

It was good, what we did yesterday

Baby don't you know baby and I'd do it once again

And baby the fact that you are married

Only goes to prove that you're my best friend

Goes to prove that you're my best friend

Don't you linger on your pale blue eyes

Linger linger on baby on your pale blue eyes

Thank you very much



In Berlin, by the wall

You were five foot ten inches tall

And it was really nice

Candlelight and Dubonnet on ice

We were in a small cafe

Baby baby baby you could hear all the guitars play

It was really nice

Hey it was paradise

Hey baby you're right and I'm wrong

I'm gonna miss you now

Baby one sweet day

Oh, you are right and I know I was wrong

And I know I'm gonna miss you

One sweet day

One sweet day

We was baby in a small cafe

We could hear the guitars play

Baby baby it was very nice

Hey waiter Dubonnet on ice

Hey now don't forget you gonna marry the vet

He hadn't any fun yet

It was very nice

Don't you know it was paradise

Whoa yeah

You're right and I know I was wrong

I'm gonna miss you now I miss you anyhow

One sweet day

Hey you're right, and baby baby, and I'm wrong

I'm gonna miss you now I miss you anyhow

One sweet day

One sweet day

One sweet day, one sweet day


"I'm Waiting For The Man"

Hey, Here he comes, he's dressed in black chima

He's never early, all the time he shows up late aah

I have to leave says

I'm waiting for my man, I'm working at it

Go up to a Brownstone, up three flights of stairs

Aha I sing when you shut up

Right now you got it

That's where it is

That's right that's not me that's life

"Rock n' roll heart"


Everybody's pinned you, but nobody cares

He's got his works, he's gonna lay it on your little taste

That you told me so good but ain't had any time to waste

So he's gotta go says baby come on ooh don't you know says

Waiting for my man

Bye bye

Hey Baby, don't you bawl and shout

Don't bring me down

I'm feeling so good, I'm feeling so good

I I I work it on out

Because I'm feeling so good, I'm feeling so fine

Until tomorrow, but babe that's just some other time

I'm I'm I'm waiting for my man

Oh baby baby I'm waiting for my man

Says now, hey, bitch you gotta get out here quick

Why don't you split the scene you gonna make me sick

I never said...

You read too many movies baby you get too many college plays

Oh baby don't know where you got those bad things

Don't you like things

Why don't you leave them this way

This representation's not my game

Ooh I'm waiting for my man

It's just a temporary thing

Hey, the bitch

Nobody don't you know you better get out her quick

Gonna make me sick

Read too many movies and you've seen too many plays

And nobody's got you tied down the fucking bed man

If you don't like it around you just get the fuck away

I'm on the top of the world today honey I don't need you nobody

And don't you bring me down

It's just a temporary thing man I know

Last time it's too expensive to waste

You went through all that you want to throw it away?

You gotta be kidding

I know it's not anything personal but

Would you right

Ah cigarettes

Your mother your father your cocksucking brother

Mean only the shit to me

And now know that we don't see things much the same way

I don't get the shits about your mother

Just get them away

We'll let just things stay that way over there

'Cause babe, babe, babe, baby

It's just a temporary thing

Hey, babe, huhh don't you know

It's just a temporary thing

Your blood's too rich

You're catholic too

Wasting guilt man

Every shit yeh

Tarot cards

I don't care

Read your palm on Thursday

Middle-class fuckup

So what

Wanna get off

No work tomorrow

You watch TV is more fun

Huh says now I'm waiting for my man

Be here keep me here either now or never

So it's never man

What you hear is now

Very funny thing about that

You wanna have it I don't have it

I never figured out

You know my friend Michael he said something very very funny

That night

He said you know this isn't fun anymore

I mean he was joking you know

Cause he was like ah

It was all fucking day after night

The fucking asshole gets stuck in a taxi

He's straight, he wasn't burning anybody

Was full moon

Triple scorpio

Fucking sitting here dripping man

Getting the asshole

It's like fucking cold

Get over there bitch

Gotta better

Get outta here quick

Oh baby don't you know my .. is sick

I don't wanna hear about it

Cause if you can say nothing good

Why don't you just get the fuck out of the door

You know what Groucho Marx said

Groucho Marx said hey man this song

Bring me a rose or leave me alone

Either up or go

Man I don't wanna know about it


Oh baby don't you holler don't you bawl and shout

Oh babe it's just a temporary thing


"Coney Island Baby"

When I was a young man in high school

I want to play football for the coach


The older guys said he's he's mean and he's cruel now

I want to play football for the coach

I was to little too light weight to go out for line-backer

I want to line-backer

The grass is always green

So I went out for right-end

Actually I was ...

I went for the section at eight six right

That's pathetic

Big mac

Cause some day, man, you gotta stand up straight

Unless you're gonna fall

And then you're going to die

Going to die

And the straightest dude I ever knew

Was standing right by me, all the time

But I had to play football for the coach

And I wanted to play football for the coach

I have eightball with the coach

And I wanted to do it with the coach

When you're all alone and lonely baby baby in your midnight hour

And you find out that your soul don't you know that your soul, it has been up for sale

And you start thinking ah baby you've been doing too much drinking and thinking

Bout all the things that you've done

Listening people that ... that shouldn't have fun with who it was and what it was

And all those things all those things you hear and this....

And this...

Remember the princess who lived on the hill

Oh man baby who loved you even though she knew you was wrong

And right now she just might come shining through and the -

Glory of love, glory of love

Uuh sweet nuthin' won't you tell me bout the glory of love

Oh baby I miss you now and the

Glory of love it just might see you through

Don't you know it might happen to you

And all your two-bit friends they've gone and they ripped you right off

Says everything

Says Hey hey Lou Reed there's no way you live okay a human being

But things are not the same

You're walking in the train

And you start thinking you're doing too much thinking

And they said said said

Look at all those things that you've done

And I said what it was and and who it was

And all those things I hear that they say go on

Hey Lou they said Go on

Remember that the city is a funny place

Something like a circus or a sewer

And right now like a circus or a sewer for you baby

And baby baby the glory of love

And the glory of love, the glory of love

The glory of love, might see you through

Glory of love, the glory of love

The glory of love, might see you through

Glory of love don't you know, the glory of love

Glory of love, glory of love

Glory of love, now, glory of love, now

Glory of love, baby now, baby now, oh baby, glory of love

Don't you tell me

Don't you know

Glory of love, give it to me now, glory of love see you through

Don't you know I'm just a Coney Island baby, now

It might happen to you

Don't you know it might see you through

Baby baby baby baby

Don't you know

Sorry took a while Thank you

I know some guys say Lou Reed's mellow and he's older. ...he talks ... we'll ... later if you feel better. <feedback> Isn't that annoying <feedback> monitor monitor you're paying attention? Alan Stanley these are your microphones <feedback> we get charged for the ... here <feedback> that's how Metal Machine was born by the way. I can drown you out. Go leave if you don't like it.

One two, one two three four


"Street Hassle"

a. Waltzing Matilda

Waltzing Matilda she whipped out her wallet

And the sexy boys smiled in dismay

She whipped out four twenties, 'cause she liked brown figures

Don't you know that everybody's fucking queer for a day

Babe, don't you know how much I'm on fire and your body I fucking admire man

Why don't we just fucking go and slip away, hey

I know you're certain, it's a rarity me flirtin'

You know she-la-la-la this way, hey

Oh, sha-la-la-la-la, sha-la-la-la-la

Hey, baby, come on, let's slip away

Let's walk the middle way

Luscious and lovely, hey what a fucking hunk of muscle

Why don't you hey go and call out the National Guard man

Hey she creamed in her jeans as he picked up her knees

From off of the formica topped board

And cascading slowly, man he just he lifted her body wholly

Oh wholly out of this world

And despite people's derision proved to be more than diversion

And then hey

Sha-la-la-la, later on she says

And then sha-la-la-la-la, as he entered her slowly

And showed her where he was coming from

And then sha-la-la-la-la


It was like she never ever come

And then sha-la-la-la-la, sha-la-la-la-la

And later when the sun set and he made her leave

See baby

Hey man neither one fucking regretted a thing

Oh whoa

That was beautiful

That was beautiful


Why don't you slip away

Oh baby ooh baby

Slip away


b. Street Hassle

Hey, you know man that chick that bee you know I think she had too much

Of somebody you know what I mean

Hey I don't mean to scare you, but you're the one who came here right

So you're the one gotta take her when you leave

Hey look man I'm not trying to be smart be cold...

And I'm not gonna wear my heart on my sleeve

Hey look man people get emotional and don't act rational

They think they're on TV

Hey look it was really nice meeting

It was really nice talking

And I really wish we had a little more we could meet

But you know it could turn into some kind of a hassle

Trying to explain to a fucking police officer

How your old lady got her ass stiffed

Hey look man there's nobody could help

And there's nobody could do a thing

And if there was I would be fucking first man

Look somebody turns that blue

It's fucking universal truth man

That chick ain't gonna fuck again

Hey look man by the way, that's some bad shit

That you came our place with

Maybe you ought to be a little more careful around these little girls

Hey look man it's either best or it's the fucking worst

I don't gotta choose so I won't

And I know, this is no way to treat a guest

But why don't you grab your old lady by the feet

You go drag her out to the darkest street

Tomorrow morning man she's just another hit and run

Hey look man some people don't have a choice

They don't even have a voice they can talk with

Just call their own

So the first thing they see allows them the right to be

They go ahead and they follow it what else do they want

You know, what it's called

Bad luck

c. Slip Away

Love has gone away

And there's no one here now

And there's nothing left to say

Oh, how I miss him, baby

Oh, baby, come on and slip away

Come on, baby

Why don't you slip away

Love has gone away

Took the rings right of my fingers

And there's nothing left to say

But, oh how, oh how I need you, baby

Come on, baby, I need you baby

Oh, please don't slip away

I need your loving so bad, babe

Please don't slip away

Slip away

Sorry. We had some kind of a nudge here the other night now. There's no place to put the fucking glass so I I put it on the floor. Do you want to get the fucking ... cause it costs so fucking much. There's a lunatic out there he comes after the show, says I want to talk to that fucking Reed man why did he throw a cup at his roadie. Five cops and he hits a cop. Hey and he had his brother here right and he punches a cop. I want to talk to Lou about the ... so next time you're wondering. And I don't live that far from here... What. Surprised you... It's not my fault man. Twenty thousand years man come on... I'd sworn to have a choir here for a week... And if yo don't get that you get the play... two hours for fourtythousand animals throwing beercans at you... oh but that's rock n' roll

bullshit. Not behind my back


"Walk On The Wild Side"

We know the rhythm come on

Eight measures

Don't you show any passion

You show any emotion I fire you

I am not sure that we did this song all week. It's not that I don't want to play your favourites just, there's so many favourites to choose. So. But ... I I was so sick of that song. I don't get sick of my own songs I like my own songs. There's so we haven't done in a while. That's only do it tonight. Not because I like you because now I'm not bored with it. Everybody gets bored with somebody sometimes. But me, I'm lonely. Me and my several selves discussed it that night. Lou number one, Lou, Lou number five. Hallo, you again reformer mea culpa. Hah.

Holly came from Miami F.L.A.

I have no attitude without a cigarette. I rather have ... than be a faggot so. That was an .... remark coming from me. Like going to bed with a... it's out of style. What's in style. Nothing is in style man... Saturday night man what do you want. Aha. ... to Lou Reed. I do Lou Reed better than anybody. I thought you deny... I have not the attitude to kill every person in Jersey. Ask him...

Holly came from Miami F.L.A.

Hitch-hiked her way all way across the U.S.A.

Plucked her eyebrows on the way

Shaved his leg and then he was a she

She says, hey babe, take a walk on the wild side

Said, hey honey, take a walk on the wild side

Would you like to know how..... so I call you tomorrow. That's an ... believe it or not the first time I quit rock n' roll because of too many bosses. I could not afford my lawyers. I still can't right now... government as partners. Fantastic I got to go... go in a night club... let's play guitar, hi Bruce. Springsteen is alright by the way. Get my seal proof. I think he's groovy. You know it's the way the critics turned on him like after they were on him right. When he needed them they went there in no time. Critics. What is Robert ... doing bad. You know it's the... man ain't no ... ... our consumers gotta rock... I checked the fucking liner notes. I started studying rock n' roll. I can't believe it. I studied... ... you know how heavy it is to... he says you're intelligent. Fuck you I don't need you to tell me that I'm good. Mr. Reed. You know they say oh man ...Mr. Reed. Fuck you. The doorman would kiss me... He the writer studies at Harvard... Awkward. ... And that's the critic for the New York Times that makes him brakes the best rock bands at a very heavy and intelligent. Notice that there are no coloured rock groups. Certainly not in the New York...

He wouldn't go there man he comes to the CBGB's... don't touch me man. And he's a big dude. .... .... Nice little boxes B plus. You imagine you work for a fucking year and you got a B plus from an asshole... and you don't gotta take the shit. You gotta talk to the fucking journalists. And they get it for free. And the best seat. .... said there's no thing we can do about it. The club owners want a good review. So you get the assholes right in front. ... you got some coke. Oh what. Anyway. I know you're not interested in my problems. You

don't mind.

Candy came from out ...on Long Island

This is true this true believe me. Oh wow was that true

in the backroom she's everybody's darling


And when she was given the greatest head

Even when she gave you the greatest head

there's nothing that Candy ever said but

Hey babe why don't you

Come on take a walk on the wild side

I really miss Candy .... ... silicon tit and I'm supposed to be... I don't fucking do that I mean I had health education don't put plastic in your fucking tit. You got no heart, man. I own a heart for fourtythousand assholes. But I got none for you. For real. You're almost as boring as you look. Thanks. You look like a democrat, wanna go to bed.

Hey Little Joe

Little Joe was an idiot, I don't know if any of you know that. But here is this guy like him, you talk to him for two measures and he has an IQ of twelve. So like he goes - he's the only guy... to be a movie star, it's not happening. I mean everybody is ready go to bed with a ... OK ...barely ...undress...but it's not like that. .... .... .... I make a Warhol film. But you can't do that anymore man. Candy has taken himself away from us. And he's right now I know why he did it. So Drella if you're there, I'm very glad that you're around. But man how can how. Catherine you're there. He went to see... What does she do... Late show .... .... tries to punch him in the stomach.... Pathetic you know. Come on man. What. You got me kidding. So many step on me man. Go write a bible. Anyway interesting people like

Sugar Plum Fairy hit the street

Sugar Plum Fairy. I personally love Sugar Plum Fairy. It's terrible right. A real terror. She's ... from New York and corrected D... Parkers prose. For those of you who still read. What is... Anyway she makes her living writing things for the Encyclopedia Britannica. Five cents a word.... she, Michael, she was doing the flower section in Africa. Delilah's... what's the word that makes this thing interesting. We call it tiny malice. .... oh man. Two drinks and she ... out. I feel ... her, like ... cigarettes on thanksgiving. Just cause she was ... She wouldn't come to see me if I was dying.


Jackie ... his revelations. ... play... ridiculous. Ah. Started that whole thing, I think the Rocky Horror shit and all that bullshit. Oh man. Don't you know I guess you don't. It's not your fault. It's the journalists, those fucking journalists why don't you shoot those journalists. You don't need those assholes, why do you let them come in here free. Why don't you bitch or something. Go to another club. Yeah. I don't believe you take the shit. Anyway.

I will run for office next week. And I wouldn't ...for me on a prayer. I am not trustworthy.

Jackie and I know

She is just speeding away

Thought like me Hey I'm Jimmy Dean for a day

But you know that she had to crash

And some valium wouldn't have helped that dash

.... take... for a headache. Eight dollars in Ohio right. Here it's like fifty... unless you go to Chinatown they bite your nose off.... And then the coloured girls they work over. Guess what they say

Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo

Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo

Wait wait, I was gonna tell you how I came to write a song called Walk On The Wild Side. I did not think of it myself. Right. That's how I got on it. I had walked out just when I made an album called Loaded for ....that's right. Cause I saw it coming. I said Oh oh. Get lost. So I walked. Right. Cause we...... so I became a typist for my old man. Forty dollars a week. Stupid. I said yeah...but I don't want a company. You know. I had two jobs. Once a guy on ...beach you know the stick with the pin. Lastet one day. ... orange peel down here. Trash, I said You gotta be kidding man I got a stick with a pin on it. So they put me in the pool area. The guy who walks around when you put your stuff like in the fucking ... and they say If you ... we throw it in the water. That was an afternoon. .... Wow I was shocked, I was taken aback and then he saw. So the guys who did the Threepennyopera this is all true. Call me up they said. We think you're a very literate rock n' roll person. And after a day we think you're the person that could take Nelson Algren's book Walk On The Wild Side and do like a musical thing for off-Broadway. I said You gotta be kidding ..cripples in a ghetto, man. What do you have in mind. They said Oh but you know. Very serious intense ... like grey hair ... Park Avenue... oh well I'm not.. I'm a fucking typist at this point. You gotta understand man. People say oh Lou you're ... I got forty dollars a week you gotta be kidding. These assholes wanna treat me for a book that's about cripples. I'm the best ... person to write a book about cripples in music. Kill yourselves man. It's better to be a garage mechanic I think. As long as I keep thinking that I you know. What if it wasn't true. .... Hey schmuck. It was really groovy all the time being a garage mechanic.... oh wow. ... cause you would not listen. ... So they say Go buy a paperback version, they didn't give me a version. Alright. I said it's abridged. Oh a movie with Jane Fonda. I said Now you got it. I like to look at Jane Fonda ... .... I don't relate. Backwards I don't relate. ... So I read this fucking book and they say Will you make an X where you think the song should go. Haha.

The cripple goes to bed. Oh yeah yeah cripple cripple. I got ... it became a challenge. Why don't I write the theme so I call it Walk On The Wild Side. Oh boy Walk On The Wild Side, smart. So I had a great time with... this stupid fucking book man. Everybody said The guy's brilliant. I said He's from Chicago. ... Oh So anyway then they got Mahagony that that play that flopped. Diana Ross getting, Diana Ross by the way is great, as a person. Shares many a good record at a time.... ... so anyway I had a great title and nothing else and then they

fired me. Haha. I mean they did it very gently, they let me down easily. They said Lou man we've got a chance to produce Mahagony.... I said Oh wow am I crushed. Ha. ...break a leg. ... go get man advance the... Haha. Bruce you gotta believe me man, these... people exist. ... because assholes like Robert .. ... and I wouldn't go in the first place. But there I was writing this song for these assholes. Anyway so then I had a great time I figured I will save this title for the day I decide to ... the world. ... So I did then.


"Leave Me Alone"

Everybody's gonna try to tell you what to do, ha

And never, never, never, never, let it be said that it's true

Leave me, leave me, leave me, leave me, leave me alone

Leave me, leave me, leave me, leave me, leave me alone

Don't you know some people, they just don't know when to stop

They can't tell the floor from the ceiling or the top

Leave me, leave me, leave me, leave me, leave me alone

Leave me, leave me, leave me, leave me, leave me alone

Ah-ha-ha, oh, oh, yeah

Ah-ha-ha, oh, oh, yeah

Ah-ha-ha, oh, oh, yeah

Ah-ha-ha, oh, oh, yeah

Don't you know some people, they just don't know when to stop

They can't tell the floor from the ceiling or the top

Love me, love me, love me, love me, love me forever

Love me, love me, love me, love me, love me forever

Leave me, leave me, leave me, leave me, leave me alone

Leave me, leave me, leave me, leave me, leave me alone

Leave me alone

Ah-ha-ha, oh, oh, yeah

Ah-ha-ha, oh, oh, yeah

Ah-ha-ha, oh, oh, yeah

Ah-ha-ha, oh, oh, yeah

And there're other types, they always make you wait

And they're always the first to say, the state you come from

Leave me, leave me, leave me, leave me, leave me alone

Leave me, leave me, leave me, leave me, leave me alone

Leave me alone

Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 18:08:10 +0100

Who Am I?
(Lou Reed)

Sometimes I wonder who am I
The world seeming to pass me by
A younger man now getting old
I have to wonder what the rest of life will hold
I hold the mirror to my face
There are some lines that I could trace
To memories of loving you
The passion that breaks reason in two
I have to think and stop me now
These reminisces make you frown
One thinks of what one hoped to be
And then faces reality
I wonder who started all this
Was god in love and gave a kiss
To who someone who later betrayed
And godless love sent us away
Sometimes I wonder who am I
Who made the trees who made the sky
Who made the storms who made heartbreak
I wonder how much life I can take
I see at last a future self
With you oh life I ask you help
But thinking but thinking puts me in a day
And thinking never helped me anyway
You always were so negative
You always stared upon the edge
And dreamed of what it must be to be dead
I know I like to dream a lot
And think of other worlds that are not
I hate that I need air to breathe
I'd like to leave this body and be free
I'd like to float like a mystic child
I'd like to kiss an angel on the brow
I'd like to solve the mystery of life
Like cutting someone's ... removing their heart
You like so see it beat
You like to hold your eye
And though you know I'm dead
You like to hold my ...
As if is wrong think of this
To hold the death as in your fist
Why were we given the memories
That all lose are minds and set free
Sometimes I wonder who am I
The world seeming to pass me by
A younger man now getting old
I have to wonder what the rest of life will hold
I wonder
I wonder
I wonder who started this
Was god in love and gave a kiss
To someone who later betrayed
And godless love sent us away
To someone who later betrayed
And godless love sent us away

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See you, Klaus