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Man Chastised for Improper Precipitation Reference in Prayer
By Rod Miller 

CENTERVILLE, UT—The good standing of Leon Christensen, 51, of the Parrish Lane 14th Ward, appears uncertain following a benediction-related incident in sacrament meeting last Sunday. 

Christensen, a convert and a ward member since 1997, expressed his thanks during the closing prayer for recent precipitation. “We thank Thee,” he said, “for the abundant rains we received these past weeks and for the blanket of snow that now covers Thy majestic mountain peaks.” 

“I’ve never heard the like in all my 87 years in the Lord’s church,” said Asa Broadwater, lifelong resident and former Sunday school superintendent. “There are certain standards we’re expected to uphold, and Christensen’s conduct flies in the face of it,” Broadwater continued, leaving out the “Brother” he typically includes when referring to fellow priesthood holders. 

“Rain?” blustered Althea Loudermilk, Young Women president. “Snow? Everyone knows—or ought to—that ‘moisture’ is the proper term in prayer! Moisture, plain and simple! That’s the language the Lord has specified.” 

Loudermilk conceded that Christensen is a convert. “But still, we can’t allow our youth to be compromised by exposure to such lax standards,” she said. “Brother Christensen has offended many, and I expect to hear an apology from the pulpit come next fast and testimony meeting.” 

Following his benediction, Christensen was immediately escorted into the bishop’s office, where he was presumably reproved with sharpness and taught the correct order of prayer. Neither the bishop nor his counselors would comment, citing confidentiality. The second counselor was overheard, however, assuring irate ward members that “it won’t happen again.”

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