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   Monthly Story

The Cries of Alderaan Act 1: Codes

The Story So Far

Loyalists of the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire have obtained fragments of two separate secret messages. Brave heroes must rally together to get these vital disks back so that they may assemble and decode them. The secrets contained within could sway the Galactic Civil War.

Click here to view The Cries of Alderaan Prologue

Story Objectives

  • Find and assemble encoded datadisks. Give to Faction Recruiter for large Faction Point reward and a Story Badge.
  • Help other members of your faction to accomplish the above goal. The Faction that accomplishes this tasks more times will get an advantage in next month's story arc.
  • Decrypt the encoded message. The first person to email the actual message to (email header must be "Cries of Alderaan code" and you must include your character name and galaxy) will win a special faction point bonus. One reward shall be granted per side. We will contact the winners by game mail to confirm the reward.

Update Highlight

  • The Galactic Civil War is in full swing. Successfully holding special factional areas and player-built headquarters will gain global XP bonuses for members of your faction. The losing side will be given Faction Perk cost reduction to keep things competitive.
  • Grouping XP improved
  • Looting system improved (but Crafted goods are still better)
  • New mission terminals (Explorer, Artisan and Entertainer)
  • Townsfolk have begun spreading rumors of local troubles and will be more likely to point you to adventure and intrigue.
  • The Empire has begun using AT-AT walkers in some battles.
  • Converted six Imperial or Rebel dungeons into factional dungeons that can be controlled/defended by either faction. These PvE dungeons can change sides based on who is winning the battle there.
  • There are rumors of a new Nightsister Spider Cave on Dathomir.
  • Rori has seen notable new activity among Garyn Raiders. They may have built a new bunker.
  • As you know, Lok is a dangerous place. We've even heard rumors of a town terrorized by Kimogilas...
  • The Empire is not pleased to hear that pirate activity has increased on Naboo, including the construction of a new bunker.
  • Corellia has also seen more criminal activity, the Chunker Gang has built a new bunker there.
  • There's a new Giant Decay Mite Cave on Talus, a Giant Fynock Cave on Talus, a Pygmy Torton Cave on Rori, and a Bark Mite Cave on Rori.
  • The Rebels have packed up their base on Tatooine. Rumor has it that they may have relocated to Rori to avoid Imperial detection...
  • Modran Borvo's Champion has been rumored to be on Naboo.
  • Word is that there's a newly founded Rorgungan Swamp Town with some fellow named Captain Hassk, on Rori.
  • Beware of Lord Nyax on Corellia!
  • New battle spawn areas: these are not battlefields in the formal sense, but rather spawn areas that are battles between two sides.
    • Rebels vs. Imperials battle on Corellia.
    • Drall vs. Corsec battle on Corellia. 
    • Hunters vs. Creatures battle on Rori. 
    • Corsec vs. the Flail battle on Talus.

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The Cries of Alderaan Act 1: Codes
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