Steven G. Ayre, M.D., has spent twenty-sevenyears single-handedly researching, publishing, and speakingat meetings on the science of Insulin Potentiation Therapy.He began practicing IPT in the United States in 1997, afterhe had become convinced, due to his lengthy study, thatthis therapy was a much improved way of using chemotherapy.In September of 2000, Dr. Ayre and his colleagues made apresentation before the Cancer Advisory Panel of the NationalCenter for Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicineat the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.This meeting has
led to a collaborative effort with cancer researchers atthe Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Wisconsin,Madison, to design and perform clinical trials on IPT. Thefunding is provided by the National Cancer Institute. Becauseof the perceived patient need, and because all drugs usedin the therapy are already FDA approved, IPT treatmentsare now being made available to persons here in the USA.Good patient reimbursement by health insurers is the rule.

Dr. Ayre always kept a look out for kinder and gentler waysof treating cancer because of the unpleasantness of conventionalcancer treatment. In 1975, he learned of the remarkableresults of cancer treatment produced by Insulin PotentiationTherapy — a treatment developed by Dr. Donato PerezGarcia Sr. in Mexico City in the early 1930's. Intriguedby this novel combination of insulin with low-dose chemotherapy,Dr. Ayre contacted Dr. Donato Perez Garcia y Bellon, theson of the originator, and began a long, fruitful and thoughtfulrelationship with him. This relationship continues to thisday with the third generation of physicians in the PerezGarcia family, with Dr. Donato Perez Garcia, Jr. The IPTprotocol was originally developed for treating infectiousdiseases, and was refinded for the treatment of cancer manyyears later in 1947. Dr. Perez Garcia Jr. now practicesIPT for cancer full time in Mexico, and he collaborateswith Dr, Ayre on ongoing IPT research and development.

Dr. Ayre has 30 years experience as a FamilyPhysician. He graduated in 1971 from the University of OttawaMedical School in Ottawa, Canada. For the last fifteen years,Dr. Ayre has been an Assistant Clinical Professor in theDepartment of Family Medicine at the Finch University ofHealth Sciences/ The Chicago Medical School. Studying IPTvery carefully and thoughtfully over twenty-seven years,he now trains physicians from the U.S. and abroad in IPT,and is a co-presenter, with Dr. Perez Garcia Jr., at IPTtraining seminars.

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