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New AI Tookit, SimBionic, Released
Stottler Henke Associates has released a new AI toolkit, SimBionic, for defining entity behaviors in training simulations and games. SimBionic comprises a visual authoring tool and runtime engine, and is based upon training simulations work the company did for the US military. SimBionic consists of a visual authoring tool and a runtime engine. The SimBionic authoring tool presents its logic graphically, allowing it to be understood by by non-programmers, and the runtime engine (which has a C++ API) takes the behavior description and makes it operational within a game. The engine is has a C++ API, to enable it to interface with simulations and games. The SimBionic authoring tool runs on Microsoft Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. The runtime engine runs on these operating systems as well as Linux. SimBionic pricing begins at $8,000 for a minimum configuration of authoring tool and run-time licenses.

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