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Covington On Gliebe's Coup
Interesting, But Fundamentally Wrong

8/5/2003 4:25:31 PM

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Harold Covington

Commentary -- [Bill: Egg dripping from my face? Everything we reported was correct -- its just that Fred Streed fell apart at the last minute. Strom? The NA? The only people who still believe anything that Strom or the NA has to say are stupid, and as I have always said, this website is not for stupid people.

As to losing? Like Chris Rock asking about OJ, what have I lost?

Also, regarding comments structure on the National Alliance post-Pierce, I can only say that he mistakes chaos for order.

Also note that the VNN-ShopWhite family of websites is not a one-man show, and the folk involved share responsibility and work quite well together.


August 4th, 2003


Thus ends an interesting experiment.

Under its founder, the late Dr. William L. Pierce, the National Alliance was not only a for-profit Virginia corporation promoting (among other things) Satanic rock music, it was a bizarre scientology-like cult with the bespectacled, physically timid and shrinking figure of Pierce as its unlikely guru. On his death, that changed.

In The Devil's Dictionary, Ambrose Bierce defined "alliance" as "in politics, the union of two thieves whose hands are so deeply entangled in one another's pockets that they cannot separately plunder a third." This was more or less the situation that prevailed on Pierce's death.

The weaker vultures who gathered around the succulent corpse of Pierce's multi-million dollar book and CD empire to feed were forced to team up and unite against the biggest scavenger, Billy Roper. They were able successfully to drive Roper away from the carcass. Roper and Co. have since been able to whittle away considerably at the NA's "market share," but the Gliebe/Strom/Board of Directors faction managed to hang onto the Throne, pardon my mixed allusions, and its air of legitimacy. I understand they are now converting The Great Man Himself's trailer into a kind of Yasukuni Shrine of Cosmotheism, on the assumption that we shall all wish to go there and prostrate ourselves while we contemplate the Whichness of What.

None of The Great Man Himself's heirs apparent have, until now, been sufficiently strong to depose the rest and become the NA's new official Alpha Male. This situation resulted in a situation completely unknown in "the Movement" since...well, since I've been involved at least, which has been about 35 years now.

"Movement" grouplets are ALWAYS one man bands, if for no other reason than the fact that Fearless Leader can't find anyone he can trust to open the mail without sticking cash donations in their pocket, donations Fearless Leader should be sticking in HIS pocket to pay his gambling debts or buy his plastic jugs of vodka. Trying to create an actual organization would also mean sharing or at least allowing some other person access to the mailing list, the source of all "Movement" funds and hence of all "Movement" power and prestige. (I myself have had my mailing list stolen twice, both times by men I was foolish enough to trust and consider friends.)

Yet for a period of about one year plus a few days, the National Alliance could actually maintain some pretense of being a genuine ORGANIZATION. We've never had one of those before.

There was a recognized leader or CEO in the person of Erich Gliebe, but with no personality cult or pretension to guru-dom or papal infallibility. There was a secondary leadership echelon of real people, whose names were known and whose functions and job descriptions were known, jobs that actually involved work and which meant something in the real world.

There were real-world salaries; at least a few people were actually drawing a living wage from the White Aryan resistance and trying to build a cadres of professional, full time political soldiers, if not in the NA's case revolutionaries. This was another hitherto completely unknown phenomenon.

There was financial and political OVERSIGHT of the leader in the persona of a bona fide council or Board of Directors which necessitated actual, meaningful PRIOR CONSULTATION in decision-making on the part of the leader, and that is something which was DAMNED sure unknown in "the Movement," before or since. It is really difficult to overstate how utterly unique the first year of the post- Pierce NA has been.

It couldn't last, of course. "The Movement" has now reverted to type and what passes among us for an Alpha Male is now in sole control of buildings, bumpf, and boodle, to do with as he pleases. Oh, well. (Are there any casinos in Cleveland?)

Now comes an interesting question: is there or is there not a massive quantity of egg dripping from Bill White's face?

The "announcement" of August 3rd was not what White had predicted, although he did leave himself some wiggle room in his pronuniciamentos of two weeks ago, so he can with only a little stretch spin it to claim that the Gliebe coup proves him "partly right." Fair enough.

[Bill: The substance of everything we said was correct. We only failed to predict Mr Streed's sudden capitulation -- which, like Marc Moran's sudden capitulation -- was unpredictable. I also failed to predict that a drunk would suddenly hit meat 70 mph on a straight flat country road in the middle of a sunny day while I returned from grocery shopping -- now, that did leave egg all over my passenger seat (a dozen and a half eggs, to be precise), but not on my face. Some things cannot be reasonably predicted, and there is nothing wrong with getting them wrong. ;-D]

But above all, significantly in my view, the official NA statement made NO MENTION AT ALL of the fate of White's passionate hate-object, Kevin Alfred Strom.

[Bill: Correction: Kevin Storm is the butt of my jokes, not a passionate hate object. I could care less about him. If I have something to gain from attacking him -- such as a good laugh -- folk should expect that I continue to do so. He only had any impact when we were assisting Streed with the NA situation, and now that that is over, who cares about him? He's a nobody. ;-D]

White's main contention, upon which he has staked his claim, is that Strom will be fired and his connection with the NA for all practical purposes brought to an end because Strom is a "weenie". (Well...he is, you know.)

[Bill: I don't know about that either way. I don't think he will be fired in the short term because they have no one else to do the broadcasts. In the long term, they will go broke and fire everyone -- I've seen this done with multi-million dollar businesses, and I am seeing it done again. ;-D]

Has this happened? We don't know. Will it happen? Time will tell.

If Strom goes, then Bill White is Jack the Lad. Watch his star rise in the Virtual Movement and watch them shekels roll down through cyberspace into his new E-bay clone.

If Erich Gliebe is sufficiently pissed off at White's patronizing and snide remarks about him to either keep Strom on or ease Strom out very quietly with no official hullabaloo--in other words, if Gliebe decides he dislikes White more than he dislikes Strom--then the egg will glop from White's bearded phizz in copious quantities, and I'll be interested to see if that affects his new internet income at all. My guess is not, if he can beat NA's prices.

[Bill: That last sentence makes some sense. The rest is nonsense. ;-D The mistake is assuming that I have a personal stake in any of this. ;-D]

By the by, anyone who is tired of our race's survival being reduced to e- commerce and would like to see it become a holy and sacred cause again...give me a shout. I'll be here if you ever decide you want to do anything besides play with these machines.



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