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Welcome to Xouvert Headquarters!

Xouvert is the open, innovative X server that brings tomorrows technology to your desktop today! Xouvert is an experimental branch of XFree86 (TM). We are doing everything we can to make the barrier to entry low for potential contributors. Our organization is inspired by that of the Linux kernel, Debian distribution, and GNOME and KDE desktops.

Xouvert will have a new stable release every six months. Security fixes and driver fixes/updates will be made available daily in a form that is easy to install, or even update automatically. We plan to make the source code more modular, to make this task easier.

What is Arch?

Arch is what makes Xouvert possible. Arch is Tom Lord's advanced changeset management system, a superset of mere "revision control systems" like CVS and Subversion. Arch will let us make radical changes to the directory layout of Xouvert, yet still be able to easily track and apply the changes in the original XFree86 tree.

The clean design of arch makes it trivial for anyone who downloads our source code to create their own local "branch" for development, keep it under revision control, then have their modifications merged, with complete history, back upstream at some point in the future. This is next to impossible to do with CVS.

How "Open" is "Open"?


What kind of a name is Xouvert?

Xouvert is named after the ancient Babylonian goddess of open windows, wooden digging implements, and moonlight. A notorious ritual among the higher levels of Freemasonry has kept her memory alive until now. Xouvert, awake!

How do you pronounce it?



Join the Project


Join our mailing list and let everyone know what great and new things you plan to code and contribute. Introduce yourself to us on IRC. And most importantly, work your way through the Arch Tutorial so that when development starts in a few days you can dive in right away.

Monetary donations are tax free; send your cheques and money orders to:

Xouvert Project, c/o Free Software Foundation
59 Temple Place, Suite 330
Boston, MA

Current Status

Sun Aug 17 13:02:17 PDT 2003 - Our wiki on XWIN is currently being vandalized by a script, so we have removed links to it. We hope this can be fixed soon. Slashdot found us a little bit earlier than we'd planned, but it's all good. Thanks for the boost, guys!

Sat Aug 16 00:59:49 PDT 2003 - You can't download anything yet. We have this website, XWIN is providing Wiki space, and Savannah is providing mailing list and bug tracking services. We are importing the XFree86 source code into an arch repository right now; the current job is making a script to tag the source files every time a CVS checkout is done. The IRC logging bot still needs to be set up, and code written to archive the logs daily.