Engineering Design Team Enters Robotics Competition

Pictured from left to right:  Jonathan Holmes, Rick Esposito, Andrew Lock, Dr. Sabri Cetinkunt, Max Magnelli

An Engineering Design Team (EDT) was created last year by a group of students who wanted to work on technical projects. Last year they successfully built a robot to navigate a maze and unscrew light bulbs.

This year, EDT has entered the 15th Annual Jerry Sanders Robotics Competition to be held at Urbana, Illinois on March 8-9, 2002. The objective of this year's competition is to score many points by retrieving a bowling ball and bocce balls while combating two other robots.

To date, they have completed designing and building the bowling ball lifting/lowering mechanism. The next step is to implement some sort of artificial intelligence to help align the robot and to lift/lower/center the mechanism automatically.

Also, they have designed and built a dual Tank-Drive System that will propel their robot. This design is currently being modified to provide more low end torque and greater acceleration.  The RC control system is interfaced with motor controllers and motors.

The robot will be on display for the E-Week Robotics Expo in the CCC Montgomery Ward Lounge from 11a.m. to 2 p.m. Last year's "Light Bulb" robot will also be on display, along with UIC's first ever Sumo-Bot competition (introductory level) coordinated by EDT.

None of their achievements would be possible without the support of sponsors, contributors, & suppliers including Prof. Sabri Cetinkunt and  the Manufacturing Research Lab, International Truck & Engine Co. (pending), Stride Tool-Imperial, IEEE-UIC Student Branch, Zap, D&M Electronics, Innovation First, Sportmart, FIRST Robotics, Grainger, Mc-Master Carr, Dreisilker, BatteryMart, and Berry Bearing.

Prof. Cetinkunt commented, "I was merely a technical guide to the students and gave them lots of encouragement and made the funds available for what they needed. This group of students are really very bright kids. They figured out all of the technical issues on their own. We need more students like them in our program".

If you would like to help support the Engineering Design Team at UIC, please contact Max Magnelli at for details.

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