Tectonic Robot Wars UK


The Robots

Armour Geddon
Armourgeddon.jpg (49482 bytes) Team Members Tom Collins, Jonathan Freeman, Donald Wright
Weight 80.4 Kg
Dimensions 137 x 62 x 88 cm
Clearance 0 cm
Power 2 x 24V wheelchair motors
Weapons Spike covered arm
Fights Round 1: Onslaught: LOST


Beast of Bodmin                   Winner of Heat I
Team Members Chris Kinsey, Hender Blewitt, Peter Kinsey bob2.jpg (18230 bytes)
Weight 79 Kg
Dimensions 60 x 134 x 90 cm
Clearance 1 cm
Power 3 x motors
Weapons Circular saw, lift
Other Series 1 entry: Roadblock
Series 2 entry: Roadblock
Fights Round 1: Crusher: WON
Round 2: Onslaught: WON
Round 3: Invertabrat: WON


crusher.jpg (57110 bytes) Team Members Oliver Browne, Adam Pengilly, Philip West
Weight 65.2 Kg
Dimensions 53 x 94 x 69 cm
Clearance 2 cm
Power 2 x 24V wheelchair motors
Weapons Hydraulic crusher
Fights Round 1: Beast of Bodmin: LOST


Team Members Peter Bignall, David Wall, Les Wall invertabrat.jpg (56178 bytes)
Weight 78.6 Kg
Dimensions 36 x 140 x 82 cm
Clearance 6 cm
Power 2 x Wheelchair motors
Weapons Flipper & cutter
Other Invertable
Fights Round 1: The Witch: WON
Round 2: Terrorpin: WON
Round 3: Beast of Bodmin: LOST


Onslaught_TRW.jpg (18622 bytes) Team Members Alan Wood, David Wood, Pete Holland
Weight 79.2 Kg
Dimensions 33 x 105 x 57 cm
Clearance Variable
Power 1 x Fork lift motor
Weapons 2 x CO2 powered rams, spikes
Other Series 2 entry: Onslaught
Fights Round 1: Armour Geddon: WON
Round 2: Beast of Bodmin: LOST


Team Members Keith Jones, Rob Field, Brian Snelling terrorpin3.jpg (55026 bytes)
Weight 79.3 Kg
Dimensions 83 x 83 x 83 cm
Clearance 5 cm
Power 2 x 750W electric motors
Weapons Spike punch
Fights Round 1: Vercingetorix: WON
Round 2: Invertabrat: LOST


The Witch
Witch.jpg (51407 bytes) Team Members Ozzie Boulter, Emma Boulter
Weight 83.3 cm
Dimensions 136 x 165 x 100 cm
Clearance 8 cm
Power 4 x 12V American pump motors
Weapons Steel spike
Other Series 2 entry: Wizard
Fights Round 1: Invertabrat: LOST


Team Members Ian Gear, Nigel Radestock, Alastair Curtis-Horsefall vercings3.jpg (54154 bytes)
Weight 79.2 Kg
Dimensions 36 x 128 x 90 cm
Clearance 0 - 2 cm
Power 2 x 24V wheelchair motors
Weapons Flipper, tail spike, side rams
Other Series 2 entry: Vercingetorix
Fights Round 1: Terrorpin: LOST

The Fights

Round 1, Fight 1 Onslaught Armour Geddon

Onslaught had the much faster start but its flipper had no effect.  Armour Geddon's arm got stuck on the arena wall, but it managed to escape.  It could not use its arm and drove very close to the pit and got stuck.  Matilda freed it but Onslaught pushed it fully in.
Winner: Onslaught
Round 1, Fight 2 Crusher Beast of Bodmin

The Beast of Bodmin had a faster start but Crusher trapped it and used its crusher, slicing through the Beast of Bodmin's armour.  This happened twice until the Beast of Bodmin attacked the side of Crusher, and broke one of Crusher's tracks.
Winner: Beast of Bodmin
Round 1, Fight 3 Vercingetorix Terrorpin

The robots dodged each other at the start, until Vercingetorix got under Terrorpin.   Sgt. Bash helped Terrorpin off.  Terrorpin's weapon was too high to have any effect, and it drove into Matilda's CPZ and was attacked.  Terrorpin then pushed Vercingetorix into Shunt's CPZ, whose axe had no effect.  Terrorpin then pushed Vercingetorix into the pit before driving in itself.
Winner: Terrorpin
Round 1, Fight 4 Invertabrat The Witch

There was a fast start to this fight, but the robots just pushed each other around.   Invertabrat tried to use its flipper but with no success.  The Witch was immobilised, but even so the flipper had no effect.
Winner: Invertabrat
Round 2, Fight 1 Invertabrat Terrorpin

At the start of this battle Invertabrat could not use its flipper because Terrorpin had no ground clearance.  The robots became stuck together, and had to be separated by the house robots.  Terrorpin raised its shell and escaped after Invertabrat got under it.  Invertabrat then became trapped in Dead Metal's CPZ.  Dead Metal attacked it with its circular saw before reversing into the pit!  The robots drove until the judge's decision.
Winner: Invertabrat
Round 2, Fight 2 Onslaught Beast of Bodmin

This fight had a fast start - the robots dodged each other.  Onslaught lifted the Beast of Bodmin twice but could not flip it on either attempt.  The Beast of Bodmin could not use its circular saw, but Onslaught was immobilised after it drove up the Beast of Bodmin's ramp.  The Beast of Bodmin then winked at the audience.
Winner: Beast of Bodmin
Round 3 Invertabrat Beast of Bodmin

The robots drove into each other, but could not use their weapons.   Invertabrat lifted the Beast of Bodmin but could not flip it (it tried twice).   The Beast of Bodmin then pushed Invertabrat into Matilda's CPZ.  Invertabrat drove up the Beast of Bodmin before it was attacked by Matilda and Dead Metal.  The Beast of Bodmin then attacked Invertabrat, while Matilda lost one of her tusks!  The house robots attacked Invertabrat again, and it was decided that Invertabrat was immobilised.
Winner: Beast of Bodmin

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